BC Lions quarterbacks

rYESS, THEY WONN!!! But, one thing, at first buck pierce was having difficulty getting first downs, im kind of worried. I am thinking put jackson in? jackson is real good and threw that topuchdown. BUT THEN i say keep pierce because as the game went on he did REALLY good.

Ok, while watching the roughriders game i was getting mad the first half becuase buck wasnt doing so well and couldnt get first downs. So I kept on saying BUT JARIOUS JACKSON IN! but man, in the second half, BUCK PIERCE DOMINATED AND HAD FIRE IN HIS EYES. HE WAS DETMERMINED NOT TO LOSE. GOOD JOB BUCK, sorry for doubting you, you killed second half, So I say in the semi-final against stampeders keep buck pierce in as quaterback, if he does bad the first half, keep him in, because buck ALWAYS does really good in games. Even if he is doing REAL BAD, sometime during that game he will just come out of his shell and DOMINATE!.

I think Buck had some playoff jitters to work off first. Once he got his rythm he kept it going... does not matter about the TD's just the score. JJ did a great job... riders expected he was just going to do the usual to get the 1st down but instead hit 81 for a TD. If they play with the same intensity as today there is no stopping them.

They need to take care of Calgary next week... payback for the last game. Wake, Hunt, Phillips and the whole "D" did a great job. :thup:

I say Buck’s our man. Sure, it took him awhile to get going - but Jarious often does the same.

Buck’s tough as nails and shows a lot of patience - he doesn’t panic like Jarious sometimes does.

I say keep Buck in until Jarious is NEEDED.

Buck managed the game well and took what the Rider's gave him. He got the ball away quickly and avoided sacks or getting hit hard, which I feared. It would have been great to see more longer balls, but I am not sure If he would have had the time, hence the shorter passes. At any rate, great job Buck and J.J. looked pretty good too! :thup:

I say keep buck pierce, once he gets a rhythm going on he is unstoppable.

My biggest complaint with Jarious Jackson is he gets impatient and tries to throw the 60 yard bomb. While its nice to "Stretch" out the defence from time to time, you have to throw high percentage passes and work your way down the field.

I believe Buck has a serious,serious problem.He can not throw the deep ball.I would not hesitate to say his longest ball did not carry more than 12-15 yards and go further to say that didn’t happen more than 4 or 5 times ALL GAME.I am not counting yac yards.I believe the offensive co-ordinator knew that Buck can’t go deep(I am guessing ankle) and every play was designed short.It will be a problem in Calgary.

A solution is either start J.J. or bring both in to the game alternately.

If Jarious doesn’t see some time if Buck struggles early and Calgary doesn’t and gets a good lead then this will be another year we b!tch that Wally did it again and didn’t make the right call about replacing the quarterback and I am talking early,not at the half when it could be to late.If that happens it should be his last time and I am a Wally fan,at least until the important games in the playoffs start.

One other concern(and I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and nothing has changed)is Kory Banks.Regina early in the third, and what little success they had, was down the right side by Banks.He absolutely seems to have lost his confidence and looks incredibly lost about his coverage.He always seems 2 or 3 steps behind or away from his reciever.Burris is going to light this kid up if Wally and the defensive co-ordinator don’t figure out a way to pump the guy up and play agressive.See if Calgary doesn’t move Rambo(the league leading receiver)over there.There coach isn’t an idiot.It’s what we would do if we were the coach.

The reason Buck is our starter is he manages the game better then JJ does. JJ can throw the deep ball while Buck is better at not making mistakes and taking the stuff the defence gives him. JJ works better off the bench when you are down because he can make that big play that Buck can't do. If you bring Buck off the bench he's not nearly as effective as he can't throw downfield as well as JJ can and can't get that big play to get us back into the game.

Our team is built around our defense and ball control. The problem has been our defense has been inconsistant all year. It really depends on which defense shows up that determines how well we do as I'm not sure our offence can bail out our defense.

Was it just me or did the crowd noise effect Buck more in the first half of the W. semi final against the Riders? It seems like the fans lost some of their steam after half time and it was much quieter, at which point Pierce really caught his stride. I thing Buck did a great job early operating in what must have been a H3LL hole at Mosaic.

I believe that given 2 - 3 years, if he can stay healthy, Pierce will be the premier QB in the league. He just needs a bit more time to learn the reading of defences even better.