BC Lions QB situation

Well as we all know the BC Lions are in a bit of a QB injury situation. I realize that we just signed that rookie to play behind jackson but i have an idea of someone that would be a great 3rd string QB. i cant believe that everyone has forgot about Nealon Greene. He would be perfect for a injury starter.

Nealon Greene; geez.

All he did last year when he got into a game for Montreal was throw interceptions.

I can believe everyone's forgotten him. He belongs at that bar run by Stanley Jackson where all the other failed CFL QBs hang out like Tee Martin, Pat Barnes, Ted White, Kevin Eakin, Spergon Wynn, Dan Crowley, Dan Gonzalez, Darnell Kennedy, etc etc

Nealon Greane needs to forgotten!

Hopefully Buck will be back with JJ as backup.

oh ya and jackson did so much better last week. oh and by the way Kevin Eakin didnt suck he just got a better job with the buffalo bills, who suck lol. well we need sombody that can back up dave and buck

Kordell Stewart doesnt currenlty have a job :lol:

Nor does Shaun King, Justin Holland, Charlie Peterson, David Corley, Mike Quinn, Tavares Bolden, Ben Sankey.............

I'm sorry, what was your point??

Didn't like Nealon when he was with Edmonton or Saskatchewan, and I wouldn't like him here.

No Nealon please. I'll take the rookie

Anyone know any added information on the Gudiugli kid?

Nealon and Kordell can just keep on golfing.Wally's been in these spots before and usually does ok, so lets just let him do his job.GO LEOS!!!

Um, He's a good Italian kid that loves pasta.......

Other than that.......

I saw we pay huge money for Printers again… Man we need him back!!

Printers is still under contact in the NFL. Won't be seeing him unless he's cut.

The Lions DO NOT need Mr. Headcase Printers :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: ,all they reall need is for Dave and Buck to be 100% healthy. Last nights loss just shows how much the Lions miss Dave.

Well I know we lost but the offence actually looked like they are finally getting it together. (just need to do it both halfs). I think with all the changes/injuries it is settling down and starting to gel. Would rather it is now for this to happen then at the end!!!

I think they neeed a new Offensive Co-ordinator - that's a big part of the problem

We got beat on special teams. I don't have a problem with either Dickenson or Pierce. The offense has been slow getting it together.

^ the most sense anyones spoken, people, please stop fantasizing about Printers coming back to BC. KC has got him pretty much locked up and hes quite popular with the crowds in KC from what i've gathered. Pierce is doing a good very good job in Dickenson's absence and when Dickenson is back, the Lions will be back in top form IMO.