BC Lions on Madden 06?

Anyone here tried creating the BC Lions on Madden 06? Being the Leo fan I am (season-ticket holder) not to mention football fan, I put a few hours into creating the Lions on my PS2. Granted, you have to play with four downs, against NFL clubs (I substituted them in for the Detroit Lions in my Franchise)... but it's better than not having them on the game at all.

The jersey's actually came together really well, and the big dome you can select even somewhat (i use the term loosely) resembles BC Place.

Just wondering if there are any other Madden gamers on here as well... maybe we could help each other out to get all the player rankings right. It did take up a rainy sunday afternoon but it was glorious to see Printers (this was when he hadnt signed with KC yet) run out of the pocket and hit Geroy streaking downfield.... damn I can't wait for next season!

i want to try to make the bombers but i got too lazy and stoped

I think EA should just make a CFL game.

Don't think so... market is too small...

Yes, the market is small....

But so is the NFL Europe league, and it still manages to squeak it's way onto Madden. (You can toggle between leagues in exhibition play, if I'm not mistaken).

If they can import a league an ocean away, they surely have the resources to add the nine Canadian teams north of the border. Just a thought...

I'm still hoping us Canucks get a suprise in '07, but I somehow doubt it

Are you kidding me? EA has made games that have bombed horribly, I'm sure they have the resources to take a risk on a CFL game.

Im in the process of relocating 8 nfl teams into canada.the players wont be exact but with proper names. as I draft I’ll rename them.it’ll take 4 seaons to do it. ill also relocate some teams to orignal cities ie KC-dall Cards-Chi titans-hou ect.

about a cfl vid- I heard the cfl commish(blanked on his name) say they were going on a new platform to emrace new tech. BIG mistake. new system games rarley work out in the beginning. eh?

It's difficult to make the Lions realistaclly on Madden 06, because not everything is similar the closest you can get is the uniforms and names but numbers and positions piss me off to no end. I think a CFL would be the best thing ever, and you never know, it could be huge I mean people south of the boarder would likely give it a shot.

They have an arena football game, dont know how big that market is though

the game sucks

they wouldnt have to make a new game, they could just put 9 extra teams in madden like the europe teams. then they wouldnt be risking anything because people who were gunna buy it still will, and theyll get more customers from up north

im just glad that casey printers is gunna be on madden next year

As a software developer, it actually wouldn’t be that difficult if you already have a football code base. If the files that store the rules are kept separate from the game itself, alll they’d need to do is modify the field and make the stands a bit smaller. It really shouldn’t be all that difficult.

the little rules would be tricky, the only thing is though when you play it DD would be like a 65 out of 100 compared to NFL Players and someone like Buckey pearce would be around a 30-40, that won't look so great for the CFL

I would think the CFL teams would be similar to the NFL Europe League teams that they have in Madden. A buddy of mine and I have played a few games with NFL Europe teams against eachother and they've been fun because for the most part, all of those teams are equal to eachother.


you dont have to make a game just for CFL, EA could probably add a CFL leauge in there like NFL europe is in the madden games.

i made them too
its pretty cool to see DD to Jason clermont 90 yards down field for the TD

Considering EA sports is in vancouver............they should definitley go out and make a CFL game............it's the only way young kids can learn and build a relationship with the CFL style of play...........

I've been tapping into Madden '06 once more now that I've got the football bug after going to Friday's rout of the Riders. Just wondering what others think would be some fair ratings for players?
Dickenson- 75-85?
Simon- 85-88
Clermont- 80-83
Thelwell- 70-75
Warren- 75-78?
P. Jackson- 65-70?

B.Johnson- 85ish
Washington- 85ish
Kidd- 78-79
Floyd- 75ish
Glatt- 68-71?
Miles- 78
Phillips- 72
Banks- 80
M. Washington- 77

Just throwing it out there, no real research went into that. Let's hear other people's input..

ya that would be cool, and just have an option of amount of downs. i made the lions in madden 04, i took the time to make every player took so long, but ya here's hoping they make a game

I got a lot of time on my hands so I would like to hear your opinions about player's ratings in madden 06. Players like Dante Marsh and Korey Banks. I did some research and found out Bamk's and Marsh's 40 times are like 4.55 meaning that their speed rating would be like 88-89. I would like to hear some of your opinions.