BC lions...McCarty!

It would be great if the bc lions drafted calvin mccarty that guy is a player! He's versatile he can play o or d whatever they need i think he'd be a great asset to any team! go lions! Any opinions on the subject?

Who's Calvin McCarty????

Never heard of him

i agree . mcarty is probably the best back to have graduated from b.c. high schools in many years, although it may be a toss up with jon cornish.(stamps)his ability to shift gears at a high pace always impressed me . the lions would be foolish to not draft him if he's available when they pick.

oh well ,maybe the next time a guy like him plays in the lions back yard they’ll take notice! damn shame .

but you have now .

thanks for informing us calvin … i mean … sirlaxalot

If he's good, the Lions'll try to get him...and by 'good' I mean at Football and not a criminal either...Calvin McCarty eh...

So, where is he playing now? UBC? SFU?

edmonton eskimos