BC Lions Marketing (Funny Ads)

Lions marketing dept does a great job every year. Funny TV commercials and great print ads.

I'm not sure if the rest of you across the league got to see these newspaper ads, but I though you might get a chuckle out of them.

I like the Sask one best myself. :slight_smile:

Redandwhite is that you with those horns?

It looks like they just recycled the ads they used last year.

Same player roster = same advertising campaign?

Must be...thought they were funny last season...now it just seems the advertising department has zero creativity...:wink:

I thought I saw some where it was players in uniform that were cowering and hiding. It annoyed me a bit, because it just seemed disrespectful of the other teams. I know you want to beat the other guys as badly as you can, but you have to treat your opponents with respect too.

The ads in the Province Newspaper had the opposition players hiding behind , Mascots, Cheerleaders, Camera men, Sorry, don't know how to clip and paste those.

Post the link and I will do it for you( if its possible)

I agree.
I never cared for products that rather than show how good they might be... they try to show how bad the compitition might be

They are on the "Hard Copy" of the sports pages, not even linked to a story. I will try something different.

There funny

...Apple Computers is a prime example of this...the two guy campaign they currently run is stale....it used to be somewhat funny, PCs as a nerdy nerd Macs as a hip cool guy, but now they're just lame...Apple has always needed this for some reason, thay make a great computer but for some reason they feel the need to always compare thenselves to the PC world, whereas the PC realm is like 'whatever'....

...back on subject, the ad campaign is comical no doubt, at a playground level of humour, it's not very sophisticated, anyone can do stereotypes....it could be seen as disrespectful of the rest of the CFL, an arrogance the Lions have been wearing like a mantel since Wally's arrival...

....for the record, that's not me rw05, I'd rather take a bullet than allow a gut like that under a stamps shirt...

Where funny? :cowboy:

I think my old season tickets were busy that rider guy actually