BC Lions & Kevin Glenn

I know as of right now, the BC Lions are at the bottom of the West standings and have not had much success in 2014.
But this is NOT meant as a cheap shot.
I believe that your team is very lucky to have Kevin Glenn as QB, and just wait until everything starts clicking into place (give it another game or two).
I truely believe that BC will be in the playoffs this year, and very probably in the Grey Cup as well.
One thing that BC needs is for Wally Buono to come back as head coach for this to happen.

"I truely believe that BC will be in the playoffs this year, and very probably in the Grey Cup as well."

A good posting Madden. I wish I could share your optimism. If Lulay is 100% for the balance of the season after he returns the Lions might have a shot.

I was glad to see Glenn join the Lions. He has some excellent credentials. What I'm seeing is the guy is too hot and cold. You never know when he is going to throw into max coverage. The Lions have played 5 games. In the first two games they were terrible. In the next two I thought they were great. I could use all the cliches: they finally gelled, they cleared the cobwebs, they're back on track, they're playing like they should be playing, bla, bla, bla.

The fact is they stunk the joint out in B.C. Place on Friday. I mean it was really really terrible. I don't know if it was lousy coaching or the guys were not trying as hard as they could have. Based on the season so far the Bombers have really improved but I was expecting a Lions victory not a white wash. The Lions could not even score a TD. In game one I could expect that but not in the 5th game of the season.

Will Wally come back as Head Coach? I cannot see that happened at all and I'm not sure it should. Let's remember that the Lions were 1-7 in their first 8 games under Buono's leadership back in 2011. Wally is not a miracle worker though some would argue given the remainder of the Lions 2011 season. Benevedes I think can get the job done.

I think we may see the Lions fighting for a final playoff spot come end of season and they may pull it off but they won't get far into the playoffs if Lulay is not 100%. I cannot see them dominating the West this year.

Although the B.C. team did not do so good this past friday night, keep in mind that they were suddenly up against a team (Blue Bombers) who really sucked last year, and as such, how could they possibly look at any game footage from 2013 and prepare any type of logical strategy...
I am tellin' ya, stick with Kevin Glenn as QB, and the B.C. Lions will find success, sooner, rather than later.
Stupidist thing Bombers ever did was trade that guy away a few years ago. Well maybe second stupidiest. Worst thing ever was Jeffry Reinbold as head coach back in the second half of the 1990's.

You sold me Madden! Where can I get my Grey Cup tickets to see the Lions? :wink:

6 games are too small a sample size to measure teams. 18 games are more reliable after facing all teams multiple times. Statistically, BC is better than current 3-3 record. #2 in total yards gained on offense and #2 in fewest yards allowed on defense. So far, BC offense has improved since 2013 when Lulay was underachieving. Although scoring is important, yards is a better measure because defense and special teams can score points when offense is off the field.