BC Lions Just Improved.

They just added former Cat Terrell Sinkfield. :smiley:

Lions had a good receiving core. Now they have a great one.

Sink is fast and deep.

Good job Wally. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Agreed! I wanted him back with the Cats. :frowning:
He will love BC!

Mike Beamish
Courtney Taylor draws short straw after signing of WR Terrell Sinkfield by #BCLions. Geraldo Boldewijn remains with team. Taylor released.

And the west just that little bit better. Glad we faced them twice already.

Daaaamnnn...enjoy yourselves BC fans. Really was hoping he'd somehow find his way back here, but going to the Lions makes more sense and at least he is on a team I always cheer for unless they're playing the Cats. Could have been a lot worse, happy he ended up in the West.

Welcome to BC , Terrell !!! CRUNCH !!! Pile on the new kid !!! WELCOME ABOARD......but,but yer really going to look awful wearing those fugly ,fugly new uni's of the Lions :stuck_out_tongue: ........Trust me you would'a looked waaay better back in BLACK "n" GOLD :cry: Seriously though Lions fans trust me yer going to LOOOOVE this guy. It looks like Wally "Yoda" Buono strikes again. Great Pickup :thup: hopefully we will see Terrell once again.......In this years GREY CUP !!! :rockin:


Totally agree with premise of o.p.

Assuming no health issues BC just got better.

Up to the acquisition - BC & Wpg. appeared ready to square off for 2nd in west (Calgary has been given 1st by almost all who follow closely)

Funny thing - Winnipeg needed Sinkfield more than BC; Bomber receivers corps is badly depleted by injury and fragile vets like Dressler. BC has a more mobile QB plus bigger, stronger and faster WRs.

Bombers really needed a top ender like Sinkfield. Instead they'll hobble into McMahon stadium this week with no real burner in their receiving corps plus an obviously injured Andrew Harris. That's why Calgary should be at least 9.5 pt favourites to sack the bombers and end the remarkable winning streak at 7.

Does not seem like a big deal here in Bc . ticket sales are not moving

Wally could sign Tom Brady & Megatron and they'd sell 12 extra seats!

Its the NFC


Sinkfield in BC is great! That means the Kitty Cats won't get him back! :rockin:

Schadenfreude :roll:

.....I'm sure Walters wanted to 'ink Sink' but he may have been too expensive...He pulled a Muamba and only signed in B.C. for a year....Probably wants to try his luck in the nfl again next year.....Bombers have just brought in a receiver named Outlaw...big guy along the lines of Sinkfield....6'2' 220...Could be a find..We shall see.