BC Lions just getting started.

I have a feeling that BC L ions are going to start dominating, since they got a good win under there belt, they are probably pumped, so each game they will bring more and more, all those loses were depressing them, but since they got a win, I say look out other teams, here comes BC Lions.

After the Winnipeg game , I'd say the other teams are "looking out for the Lions".....looking at their schedules so they can circle a potential win.
How can Wally have such an inconsistent team, and refuse to do anything about it. How many times do we hear commentators point out that Anton McKenzie is a rarity...( a Buono free agent signing). Sure he brought in Armour, but against the running Winnipeg team he kept installing Glatt to try to shore it up. Kinda like the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike......too small a plug, and not effective enough.

oh, they are just getting started alright. This season seems to be spiralling out of control. It makes it all the worse to hear the players come on the radio after ONE win and start claiming the problems are all solved.

Enjoy your bye week boys, it may be the only way you can avoid a loss.

I'm just praying Wally gets two more wins this year. Then he will hopefully take a bump upstairs where he still has a lot to offer the Lions.

Guys, come on, put the bombers game behind you, have hope in BC, your not a true fan if you give up on them. Joseph has those days, rather he is in the zone, and he is killer, or hes out of the zone and its a disaster. Well Joseph was in the zone, if he wasn't it would of been a totally different game and BC would of won. BC will learn from there mistakes, go over it in practice, talk about it. I still do think there getting started. Have faith guys.

You can have no faith and still be a BC fan. Currently I see no reason but to expect a sub-par year and a few disasters sprinkled in the mix. Wally hinted (In a interview I saw) that is was possible that they where only going to get 5 wins this season and as long as they grow that sets up for the future. But, after what has being going on, oh yeah BC has a future... as cellar dwellers. There is too much to fix on this team, as it stands. Wally made whole sale changes, but it seems none of it was good. From the looks of it, BC will be hard pressed to get 5 wins.

Maybe in a couple of games things will change. I doubt it though, with predictable offensive plays, not utilizing the players they put out there, a offensive line that couldn't stop a high school football team, a defense that can't stop anything and a misguided trust in coaches that have proven they don't belong. Well there isn't much to "have faith" in. But, they are still my team and I'll ride the bad with the good.