BC Lions in Trouble!!!

But can you do it without Berry playing in his hair or Taman clearing out a room :slight_smile:

.....I believe Kavis Reed was seen counting heads at the Bombers tc....you know....tuning-up for the Cup.... :wink:

Saskatewan Roughriders - Defending Western Conference Champions
B.C. Lions - defending 4th place finishers in the West. :lol:

anomalies happen

Here Turkeybend is how you do comedy... Watch and learn :lol:

[url=http://geekswithblogs.net/dlussier/archive/2010/06/03/140218.aspx]http://geekswithblogs.net/dlussier/arch ... 40218.aspx[/url]

Found on the GoAlsGo.COM Als fan supersite

Speaking of counting and Grey Cups, I believe we have 5, how many do the Riders have Turkey? And how much older are the Riders? huummm...
Every year is a new year. mistakes are made by all teams. yes even big huge game losing ones. it sucks, but it happens..
and every year is a new year too. who cares how many cups you "had". that was then, this is now.. new year.. new teams. new chance for the cup. Cant wait for the season to start.. Good luck to all the teams... but Go Riders Go!!!

So, only 5% pick the Lions to win the Grey Cup, one of the lowest picks. It is not just me folks, the Lions are in a re-building year at best and the Rainforest people should create an underground village and watch replays of Walt Disney's the Jungle Book and the Lion King this season and forget football. Remember poor Casey at the bat story when you were a kid. Replay in 2010, Casey will strike out while Buck Pierce leads Winterpeg to the playoffs!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hfxct- Good one with the u-tube Montreal and Winterpeg fan autograph seekers seeking signatures from the Riders for their calculator. That did make me laugh. Thanks for the heads up about it. Good one - I'll wear that one- good humour!!!!!!! CFL fans are the best!!!:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I am not sure what's more pathetic. You're consistent attempts at humour that fall flat each time or your knowledge (or lack thereof) of the team. Good troll though. :roll:

Meh, if Casey struggles or gets hurt, we have Jarious and Travis - a veteran gunslinger and a 2nd year man who oozes potential; both more than capable of directing this offense. Just out of curiosity, if Durant goes down for any length of time with a signicifcant injury like the cracked rib he suffered in 2008, who goes in for the Riders? I think Darian is asking that very question. :oops:

buck pierce will lead the bombers to the nearest mash unit.



Tho I really don't think he's a true troll in that he isn't really trying to get people angry but instead is simply trying to stir the pot. In a very, very lame and old way. cflisthebest is the closest thing to a real troll here but even then he still isn't one. I'm pretty sure if anybody was a good troll, they'd get b& right quick.

Looks like Turkey is at it again, get the cranberry sauce.

I always find it amusing that prairie folk cry about the rain in Van. What happened to the sturdy prairie folk who helped build this country? Did you all get soft? Oh no, its raining! Run wicked witch of the west, run!

Ill take Van's rain any day compared to Regina even though you guys exaggerate the days of rain we get here. I look outside and see green almost year round, Turkey looks out side and sees turkey poop and mostly brown with chances of brown/green and a flat, mostly boring landscape.

But yeah, rain is scary LOL

Now lets see you do that without a keyboard with the numbers already lined up for ya :smiley:

Turkey goes fishing and lands a few lunkheads...err lunkers... :wink:

Morning CFL fans,
I hear the fishing is lousy in B.C. on the coast this year too just like the Lions will be!!!! :cowboy:

Oh well, there is always protests, tree hugging and circle-sits or Poppy Family concerts! :rockin:
-Peace and love.

BC actually has trees to hug! And you know what they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day on the flats.

ah those who live in la-la land, the misty moist rainforest that moulds the brain which already is fried by the emanating odour of sweet mary lounging in the air of most locales. The beaches in Van. are more polluted than new york city ones, yet the stoneheads still convince themselves that they live in nature's paradise and ingnore the high colliform count and swim amongst the bacteria and brown lumps. They ignore that they are the lowest per capita public transport users in Canada, continue to drive everywhere . and inhale the exhaust convincing it is just leaves burning on the North Shore. La-La landlivers are dumb enough to keep paying the highest prices for homes in Canada forcing families to abandon the city to live in the burbs which are stretching to the Alberta border where they can afford to live but must commute 8 hrs. each way to work.
Vancouverites have english as their second language which explains why CFL fans do not understand the game nor the rules. Yet their BC Pussycat radio coverage is not in the language of the majority. No fault with this multi-culturalism , it is just that the Lions organization has not got it and followed the NHL and hired Punjabi, Chinese, Japenese play by play broadcasters to broaden their fan base.
La La landlivers are not fishermen anymore as there are no more fish, do not log anymore because most have been exported or eaten by pine beetles (this is not a rock band ) and do not hunt anymore because the only game left to kill seemingly are gang members which is too risky to become involved in. It is not safe in the burbs anymore as Surrey has become slurrey, bible belt Abbotsford is now an affiliate headquarters for the Hell's Angels and Richmond no more exists as it was annexed by China 5 years ago.
For all these reasons and more Wally's Lions and Westcoasters are in serious trouble!!!

I would like to debate that, but I can’t. You are pretty much bang on, sigh You should have been here 40 yrs ago, it was paradise then.

...going to be keeping an eye on this thread that seems to have exceeded it's expiry date, a west-coast-no-coast pi$$ing match thta has very little to do with football isn't going to go far gentlemen...