Hopefully we can actually get some real points guys and if you are watching the game just post your thoughts here. 17-3 makes me sick :frowning: .

So is the final score gonna be 56-10 or ARE WE GONNA PLAY REAL DEFENSE, and actually try to SCORE on offense?

WOW, another td…

Well we finally got a break to close it to 14, but unless we get better pass coverage that will be as close as we get. What is with Hunt? He had Calvillo lined up to at least put pressure on him and make him rush his throw. What does he do? Breaks off pursuit to provide pass coverage? And tackling, or rather the lack of tackling which is driving me crazy. Alouette receivers turning 5 yard passes into 25 yard gains.

Oh wait, another lack of coverage and its back to a 21 point difference. Sorry, but R.I.P. guys. No matter how much magic Casey has today, it will not be enough as long as our DB's are giving 10 yard cushions, an offensive line that can't block and everyone else missing tackle after tackle. At least its a team effort, LOL.

Man, this game is getting painful to watch, and its only the second quarter.

My God, an Alouette punt?

Smart? Not living up to his name.

Wally better have one hell of a halftime speech.

Printers really isn’t doing anything…

The entire team didn't show up, and its too bad because we were the only team this year to be competitive every game against Montreal in the regular season.

yeah, we always play good Against them, its just this game we decide to play like shit.

****? More like ****** ****!!!!! LOL At least they can't take away our sense of humour.

We HAVE TO play good in the second half, maybe go on a 40-0 streak on points for us? :rockin:

Yep, and the Canucks are gonna win the Cup too.

Calvillo is putting on a clinic......as usual! Are the Lions THAT bad? Nope. The Als are just that good! A Lions fumble= an Als' TD. An Als' interception= an Als' TD.

The wheels have not fallen off the B.C. Lions and they've not played badly. Yes, there were some turn overs but the Als have turned the ball over 2x as well.

I sure hope the refs are going to call pass interference. Simon continues to be clutched and grabbed with no call. Same thing in past games. This is not the reason why B.C. is behind but it sure hasn't helped the Lions' cause.

31 points for the Als and there is still 1/2 a game to go. Is that 1/2 a game for the Lions to catch up or for the Als to double their score? Hmmmm..... I might just cheer for Calgary in the Grey Cup if they get past Saskatchewan. :stuck_out_tongue:

on a separate note, someone should tell ferri that this is football not soccer. thank god he got called for that lol

and how about that lol 105 yard punt return! its not over yet

MTl just got a td...

Lots of time for the Lions to score another 20 points....BUT....how do they stop the Als from putting up more points?

Maybe we can knock Calvillo out of the game?

True. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? WHAT KIND OF KICK! WHAT THE ************************


Im surprised that montreal has more precedure penalties than us. At least thats one thing we can take away from this game.

Well guys…that’s all she wrote. Now… who will Montreal meet in the Grey Cup and which team has the best chance of beating Montreal? Calgary or Saskatchewan? It will be great if Calgary gets past Saskatchewan since the Grey Cup is being played in Calgary.