BC Lions for sale?

It looks like David Braley may be selling the Lions is the future.
I still dont see him selling until after the 2011 Grey Cup, but he has hinted that he would be selling the Lions before the Argos.

The Lions have been a valued property in BC for some time and Braley could have sold the team multiple times.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/bc-lions-up-for-sale/article1703672/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1703672/[/url]

if a newspaper told me my name, I wouldnt beleive them

I suspected he would sell one team or the other soon enough.

If this does happen then really BC should be looking to make it a community owned team. This having to swap owners every few years in the on the privately held teams is annoying. Come on BC, make it YOUR team.

I'll bid $1.49.....cash!

Oh come on, the least you can do is donate the empty beer bottles and cans consumed during the games.

Seriously though, there seems to be far more stability in a franchises future when it is community owned. Now is the time for this especially now with salary caps in place. It's proven successful for Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

Braley has said for a long time he would sell them if the right owner came along. He also said in an interview with Brian Williams that there are a few potential local owners, one of which is very serious about it.

So another local person going to the media saying they want to buy something that's not for sale?

Easy to say when the team is 1-7 and not drawing well.

'Eugene' Braley will likely hold on to this team until the day he dies.

Surprised the Lenkov's don't persue this with some local interests to buy in .

They are way closer to their LA interests and still get to see the team play their home town guys in Montreal .

Rick LeLacheur: Braley looking to sell the Lions.

For real this time?

There are interested buyers. Not sure if the Aquinilis are interested too? Hopefully, the would be suitors stay away from the media.

If they didn't like the price for the Als you think, they will want to deal with Braley?

I will take them for 1.5 mill.

I bid 100 quatloos

they would have pay more than that for sure

And you would move the team to Triskelion I suppose? :wink:

You got me. That’s exactly what I would do. :-[

That’s all part of CFL 3.0. (Bring the CFL game to other galaxies)

Why not set up a community owned, not for profit similar to the Eskimos, Riders, and Bombers and what it was like before Murray Pezim in Vancouver?

Pay Braley $20 million and thank him for all he has done. Only team that is doing good with private ownership is Hamilton.

The Lions were never community owned.

Sure. Call them the Triskelion Drill Thralls. Starting QB: Shahna. ;D