BC Lions favorites ,Als mailing in game

From all I can see through a brief media survey ,very brief I admit,it seems the Montreal Alouettes may as well mail in the game result and watch on TV as BC Lions show up and conquer the East ,or so they are saying .

Makes me believe the Als are going to win,they stopped a pretty good Argo offense including a potent running game and QB killing defence of Argos was beaten as well.

I'm not counting them out and I am cheering for Anthony Calvillo to win a Grey Cup because these guys are the underdogs from as far East as you can go in the CFL playing a team from as about as far west as you can wander too.

Something about Jim Popp saying his team will have a curfew as opposed to Wally Buono saying none needed makes me believe the Als will fly outa the frozen muskeg of Winnipeg with Earl Greys mug slung below their experienced wings!

Perhaps this should be the "OFFICIAL" Grey Cup Prediction thread ...

I for one am BUYING what your SELLIN' -reach ... Montreal should be PLENTY motivated to REMOVE any talk of a 'Buffalo Bill' Syndrome ... they will be playing for a place in the annals as an ALL-TIME Team ...

BC has got ALL the TALENT and wins many of the one on one matchups, HOWEVER, Montreal has got the EXPERIENCE to WILL a Victory ...

Montreal 32
BC 30

I think a late Duval FG seals the deal !

Here is to (HOPEFULLY) a Great Grey Cup game !!


First, I'm with the majority who believe the Lions will win the game.

Second, the reason they play the game is that anything can happen. This year has seen a great deal of parity in the league. (With the possible exception of the Lions being consistently good, and the Ticats being consistently poor.)

Let's just hope the game is well-played, and hope that when it's over we can again say,"Well done. One of the best ever."

They are talking about high winds today in Winnepeg,not a suprise to anyone who has walked around that great city.

Which team really has the balanced game?
Edwards looks solid as running back for the Als as does Joe Smith for BC.

Does it come down to the kicking game in high winds ?
BC has a big advantage there in experience with Paul McCallum .
Montreal has Duval who’s no slouch .

I like both of these teams so it’s not easy for me to get focused on my team ,except I’m a Calvillo fan so go Als!

Question ;Does BC’s advantage at the reciever position blow out the door with high winds? :cowboy:

As Mean says Happy Grey Cup all!


I have to go with B.C. to win this one for reasons I’m sure have been mentioned elsewhere. I’ll mention two of the main reasons I’m picking the Lions to win. One is based on recent performances. With the way the Lions were looking to be at their best versus Saskatchewan, they just need to keep that up and they’ll be hard to beat. And as for Montreal, they have not been consistent this year and could have easily lost last week’s EDF game. Another thing I should mention is that B.C. has quite an advantage when it comes to coaching. Wally Buono has coached for many years and has coached in a few of these games. And it could not have been easy for Jim Popp to take over coaching this team. And he’s not just lacking coaching experience in this league, he’s had to deal with last-minute contract negotiations.

And one more thing I should note is that B.C. defeated Montreal both times they played them this year. But upsets can and do happen in these games, and I actually would not be too surprised if Montreal won this game.

By Game time, wind should be between 5 and 10 KM's and hour. That is nothing for the prairies.

Here is the hour by hour weather forecast for Winnipeg.

4 pm -3°C Sunny
5 pm -4°C Clear
6 pm -5°C Clear
7 pm -6°C Clear
8 pm -7°C Clear
9 pm -8°C Clear
10 pm -8°C Mainly clear

The weather really shouldn't be a factor at all.

I too think the Al's will upset the Lions. And I would like to see it happen as well.