BC Lions @ Edmonton Eskimos

I've been looking forward to this one for a few weeks now. This could prove to be a really great game :thup: Unless, it proves not to be a really great game :thdn:

2 good teams with experienced veteran QB'S. Think more on the low scoring side!!!!!!!!

Moving the start time to 9:30PM EDT 7:30 MDT makes all the sense in the world for more of these late games. Only a half hour earlier makes a massive difference to many viewers and advertisers.

Looking at the schedule through Thanksgiving Day, otherwise only 3 BC home games have starts at 10PM EDT / 7PM PDT or later.

The fewer games that start that late otherwise in BC, the better for the rest of us but hey I get it for the locals there dealing with awful traffic even more with a start time before 7PM.

Then again maybe the new ownership will shift more of those games at BC to Saturdays and Sundays, but I don't know the scene in Vancouver and what locals do usually on weekend nights.

Not very many are going to those games anyway, so perhaps a BC fan here can weigh in with the local scene as far as getting to the game and common alternatives besides staying home?


…Easton PA. rooting for the Eskies? Say it ain’t so :?

I am noticing the Edmonton crowd is more contained to tight sections and keeping the crowd less scattered. Looks like a good crowd tonight. The track is covered with black material. The retired numbers on field level look good too.

Edmonton has done a nice job managing the size of Commonwealth.

Reilly & Hazelton work 108 yd magic.

Hazelton dropping gears quickly - reminded me of Wad Miller trying to outrun creditors in his last business!

The Lion has awoken.

I am shocked SHOCKED that ESPN is giving us the half time show. Sean Paul was good.

Nice crowd at Commonwealth.

Kenny Ladler!

The guy's having a career night.

Thats a raw image…

Too many coaches challenges and a moronic video review call on the non PI. :roll:

This is why I don't watch as much as I used to.

As already mentioned above I too thought this would be a low scoring game. Currently 23 -20 Esks.

. so far, a white knuckle ride :thup:

This has to STOP!!!!! There is no flow to this game because of this crap from the coaches. When baseball becomes a faster more exciting game than the CFL you know there are problems.

Enjoy, I'm switching to Aussie Rules instead of this slow crap.

This is directed to the BRASS of the CFL.

After watching such disgusting refereeing and ridiculous replay decisions. A fan for 40 plus years I WILL NEVER WATCH OR ATTEND another CFL game EVER!!!!!

You idiots don't know anything and can never get the game right!

Lost another fan for life!!!

Thumbs down you replay idiots!!!!!!

For the record, I've never been a fan of either Edmonton or BC.
Just wish the stupid refferee's and instant replay in Toronto could actually call the game correctly.

What a JOKE this league actually is....


mattsdad is in the house. :cowboy:

In the end 37-26 Edmonton final

Wow we need some new refs in the CFL. Those last 3 calls changed the game.

But who I am most pissed off about is those guys in Toronto are suppose to be getting the calls right and they keep screwing up too.

It's getting to the point where there isn't enough consistency in the CFL. Making me want to watch NFL

Probably longer than necessary, but a good game nonetheless.

You joined a CFL fan site , just to say you are no longer a fan. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: