BC lions dominating

what happened to the rider team that didnt give up a single TD all preseason????

my proline tickets are as good as garbage now. 24-7...ouch!

maybe i didnt give the BC o-line much credit when i picked them to finish last in the west?

This game is getting ugly! Yes what the heck happened to the Rider Defense? Rider offense looks less predictable!

west divison? u have a basement tenant!

24-10....nice FG...keeps my pro-line chances alive...even if its slim.

why isnt armstead catching these passes?...hes killin me!

.....but when he finally nails one, it's gonna look great....

he coulda looked great 2ice already....man.

dominguez has looked good, tho.


Should have challenged the INT.

geez...im toast

There goes the sport select, drummer...touchdown Lions...
you never know the Riders might comeback
hope not ..I took the Lions

Sask secondary looks pitiful. Joseph looks like he did when he played for Ottawa. I thought he'd play different with a more capable team around him. Not what the Riders needn they need a QB that throws the ball.

Riders are going to struggle this year.

Ugly game for the Riders.... Dickenson is picking up where he left off in the final pre-season game... fortunately for me, I have to go to work in a few minutes , so I dont have to watch the 2nd half of this fiasco...

I'll watch, but only because I'm a glutton for punishment.....too bad.....there's some spectacular talent on this team, but they're certainly not showing it tonight.

the defence, that didnt surender a TD all pre-season , did not show up tonite.

sask has 10 points at the half....which is more than montreal had at the half in thier game...so the problem is the defence.

bc place looks very empty...fans must be disappointed in last seasons finish.

i had BC on my pro-line, but thanks in part to Glenn my ticket is no longer valid.

could have won $209 with my pro-line picks

stupid Glenn...

38-10 now, good night riders

BC TD ...AGAIN....omg sask defence is f'n crap!!!

thats what I like to see!

BC is turning my night into not so crappy. Still sucks though...

Its a good thing Daley has been replaced....otherwise The predator might be coming to a stadium near you for some work :slight_smile:

id like to re-do my west divison picks...plzzzzz

SASK....defence is a joke!!!!

those pre-season games were very deceiving...nowonder they say 'preseason means NOTHING'.

Hey. Cheer up. They got a field goal. 38 to 13 isn't so...... Okay, yes it is. Thats baaaaadd. Lets hope the Riders play for pride in the 4th and pick up their game.

Jason Claremont has a torn mcl. He's going to be lost for awhile.