BC Lions defensive back Garry Peters appeal update

TORONTO — Following an appeal hearing involving the Canadian Football League (CFL), the CFL Players’ Association and BC Lions defensive back Garry Peters, the supplemental discipline for Peters’ actions has been adjusted and he has been issued a maximum fine.

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:shakes head:

I do not know what transpired and have no opinion on that but I am very impressed with the apology. People in similar situations that require an apology could learn a lot from this. He took ownership of his actions without blaming anyone or circumstances. He acknowledged that the actions were wrong and just not perceived to be wrong. He expressed remorse. He did not use the word "but" or "however" which generally neutralizes the apology and shifts blame. He thanked others for the opportunity to apologize.

I'm not saying this is the case, but to play devil's advocate, Celebrities, athletes and business people often have other people write speeches, apologies.....and so on.
I trust Mr. Peters was sincere. This is the second time the CCES has been mistreated. The CFL needs to get on top of this

Good to see this apology, but the sports heroes I looked up to in my youth never needed to give one. Just saying.

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