BC Lions Day

VICTORIA (CP) - B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal proclaimed Wednesday B.C. Lions Day in honour of the team's Grey Cup win.

Coach Wally Buono and Lions Geroy Simon, Brent Johnson and Mark Washington were on hand for the ceremony at the B.C. legislature.

Buono also thanked Premier Gordon Campbell, who phoned from his trade trip in China to congratulate the Lions minutes after their victory last Sunday.

"We're proud representatives of your province and it gives us a tremendous amount of joy, not only to win a cup, but also to share it," Buono said.

"Because if you can't share something that means something to you then what value does it really have."

The Lions beat the Montreal Alouettes 25-14 to win their fifth Grey Cup in nine tries.

How cool would it be to be a Lions fan born on November 22? Your birthday is on BC Lions day!

Maybe Halloween should have been proclaimed BC Loins day, cause the unis they wore for the western final and GC games looked like costumes.

Who won the Grey Cup? I forget.

lol only the helmets. The third jerseys are by far the best in the CFL imo.

I like the Third Jerseys.

I don't like the White Helmets. My preference would be the Third Jerseys with a Silver Helmet or a black one.

...I agree Sporty, sorry sambo but the unis worn by the lions in the WF and GC are by far the best ensemble in their closet....the orange helmets with black paw look wicked...much better than the mountain cat and BC logo....

At least someone got the joke.

Not much of a joke if no one gets it. :roll:

I too like the 3rd jerseys and orange helmets...and it seems as though they are a winning combinations. :slight_smile: