BC Lions changing the model?

Very quietly the BC Lions are potentially changing the landscape of the CFL.

They are owned by a young visible minority individual with family roots in Vancouver for over 100 years. He is vibrant, excited, and very media and business savvy. And is likable.
They have hired a female assistant coach
They have gone away deliberately from the high priced cap devouring QB
They have declared that the QBs, at least this year will be Canadian
They have hired a very popular Assistant Coach in Henry Burris
Have developed an incredibly easy to navigate website to buy tickets with prices fully transparent for every game.
This is starting to feel like a very Canadian team

I love their progress so far and its only March


I'm just playing devil's advocate with you now.... I noticed the seating at the field level for the Lions a while ago. Both teams will now be on the same side of the field. If it turns out that this is a clever way of getting the fans used to seeing this kind of thing for what diehard CFL fans would call an evil purpose, would you feel the same way?

If you put on your tin foil hat for a second you might think that the long term plan involves trying to fit a CFL field onto an American sized field as far as width goes. It's easier to do that if all the players are on the same side of an American field. What if they eventually try to change everything? Just putting it out there as a possibility.

No I'm not concerned about that at all. In the least. But you don't need to be walking on eggshells here. If you think that is possible then post away. I appreciate it. Thanks

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I think it's possible but I also think it might not happen that way as well. As fans we just have to sit back and watch. Doman has been doing great so far. He's bringing a lot of enthusiasm to the Lions. Keep an ear out for what his plans are for reaching out to minority groups. I'd like to hear about it.

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I like to hear about these changes. It sounds very exciting. I hope to get to a game in the not-too-distant future.


I have not yet heard anything else regarding both teams being on the same side of the field. This is the first I'm hearing this, and a little concerning because it's escaped me and I don't like the idea, at all.

I also agree that the new owner brings a positive influence to the league as well as improving his franchise further. He seems to be carrying on the legacy that David Braley worked towards, so far at least. No reason to think that won't continue.

They are breaking ground this season with female football operatives, young quarter-backs both being given a promise to play with their future pay rate still as much of an uncertainty as their future careers are. The team is excited because both QBs are Canadian giving them more options with the ratio. The QBs are excited because they are both on the threshold of a career. One is a little farther ahead while the other has shown a successful transition from college to CFL. Now it's a matter of time to see if his college talents will transition to his pro game. He had some great teammates in college, and he'll have some great teammates in BC as well. Henry Burris is an investment and a good one I believe for the young QBs.

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Paragraph #6 "To ensure that fans can enjoy the game to the fullest, this new gameday section will move the away team’s bench to the home team’s side, with the two team’s now sharing one sideline."

I missed that earlier when I heard of their new sideline seating. Initially it disturbs me but so did all most all the other changes I've seen the league evolve through, ie, Blocking rules, tackling rules protecting QBs, the waggle, etc. My default reaction to change is mostly negative but I come around eventually. I suppose putting both teams on the same side of the field and have chairs, tables, and hot tubs on the other side with only audio/video people and reporters blocking the view seems like an idea. Kinda goofy, but who knows? I can imagine other game experiences changing(for fans and players) also with a setup like that.


Where did you find single game ticket prices on their web site? I couldn't find any.

different website

BC Lions Tickets : Search results for BC Lions : Tickets-Center.com

Who cares about teams on the same side of the field? BMO Field is like that and it makes no difference. What matters are all the other things Doman seems to be doing. They are all great initiatives, and much needed in Vancouver. As someone who worked for Braley, I can tell you this already sounds 10 times better than what he has done there since Bob Ackles passed away. Now let’s bring the same type of energy, ideas and commitment to Toronto, and the league will be in much better shape.


Just my two bits about some of the comments above.
-Would love to see another CFL team in BC, but I doubt the population base is there for either Victoria or Kelowna (even when you take in Vernon to Penticton.) I doubt Seattle would work unless the Seahawks departed town.
-We keep hearing about all the problems in the CFL. Maybe it’s about time we promote all the positives the league has going.
-As far as a tenth team starting you folks back east know best. Is there another area in Ontario that could support another team. (Population wise - not lack of stadium) and neither the Tiger cats, Redblacks and Argos would have an issue with
-There are a lot of Canadian money men who would start/buy a CFL team, but the head honchos of the league have to give them a good solid reason why they should do it. At the moment I doubt that’s happening.
-Having the teams on the same side of the field is no biggie to me. The important part is the game on the field.
Like I said “Just My Two Bits!”

I have more of an issue with competition with the Seattle Dragons than the Seattle Seahawks but I will agree that it's not the best city to put a CFL team. Victoria's metro population is over 300 k which is more than Regina. I don't think it would work there either. For me that leaves the east like you have said.

If Montreal would help grow the game in Quebec City it would be the ideal place to expand. They don't seem to be willing to do that kind of work though. I've heard that Tiger Cat management wouldn't want London in the league because it interferes with their business. People have speculated that Windsor is the best place because of the nearby population of Detroit.

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I think Victoria has the most potential for an expansion site out west. The metro pop is about 400,000 and another 200,000 or so live within 90 minutes drive.

The Okanagan probably has the second most potential.

I don't think either should be a priority for expansion just yet, but the league should implement a long-term strategy to increase its footprint in those markets in the hope of grooming them for future expansion.

London and Windsor have some potential in Ontario. I highly doubt Hamilton would object to a team in London if solid ownership group were to arise. But I don't think Ontario should be the main focus of expansion now either.

The focus should be out east with SSE still apparently working toward a Halifax stadium.

And then Quebec, where the league will have to implement a plan to expand its footprint before any serious expansion talk would arise.

I agree with you, my first choice is Halifax, but for whatever reasons it just doesn’t seem to be happening. There website is still taking season ticket deposits for 2021. I remember listening to the commissioner either late 2020 or early-mid 2021 talking about how the cfl had a committee dealing with the expansion to Halifax. Haven’t heard a word since with regards to this so called committee.
Living out here in Metro Vancouver I just can’t see Greater Victoria or the Okanagan being a rivalry for the Lions.

I can see it years down the road if the Lions agree to share their territory. I don't know if there is political will to build the stadiums. The skytrain project seems to be the top priority over here. Once the governments are done spending that money, hopefully they have an eye towards that kind of thing.

Jeez! Look at the rivalry in the MLS between Vancouver and Seattle. It's off the charts. It a no-brainer to put a team in Seattle to pair up with Vancouver for an international rivalry. Remember the intensity of the '95 Grey Cup when Baltimore won the Lord Grey's chalice.

Expansion in Ontario would have to be in Windsor. The former Commish of the CPL is looking for a expansion team for Windsor. Whoever the CFL expansion group is could team up with the CPL bid to get a stadium built there. Maybe get a US group like the Illitch Family that owns the Red Wings and Tigers to branch into Football for their sports empire through the CFL.

Who are these Canadian money men? Canadian billionaires are a frugal bunch. Look how long it took for the Thomson Family to buy the Winnipeg Jets. They like to sit on their old money. Why isn't the Irving Family behind the Schooner expansion bid in the Atlantic region? They are cautious with their money

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The Dragons won't pose a problem in competing against the CFL/Vancouver. One problem with the Dragons on being where they are is that they have no geographic rival. They are isolated in the Northwest on the XFL map. Maybe the next nearest XFL destination is LA. The XFL are funding these teams and they would spend a lot in travel and lodgings for it's teams.

Besides the XFL is looking to launch their season after the Super Bowl. The XFL season would be over by the time the CFL season starts

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Amar Doman for one. I’m not disputing the Seattle/Vancouver rivalry. All I’m saying as long as the Sea Hawks are there I doubt a CFL team could make a go of it. Again, maybe the Irving Family might back a CFL team in Halifax if they were shown proof that a team would make money. I don’t live on the east coast and other then the Irving name I don’t know to much about them. It comes back to what I originally said if the CFL would market themselves both to the general public and prospective owners properly things might be different.

Doman isn't a billionaire, more like a multi-millionaire A football owner needs to be willing to lose millions for a couple of years before he/she shows a return on their investment.

Seattle prides itself as a sports town. Reason why the NHL put a hockey team there. Reason why the MLS's Sounders get great support along with MLB's Marniers, WHL's Thunderbirds and the NFL's Seahawks. It even supported a failed football team in the XFL's Dragons. The region is looking to bring back an NBA team. The city has the money and fans to support another professional team.

Doman needs a Seattle rivalry to be successful. If the CFL doesn't allow Seattle into the CFL, Doman will bleed out money and toss the keys of the Lions on the CFL table like what former Alouettes' owner Wettenhall did in 2019. The CFL should do everything it can to revitalize the Vancouver market, not just Doman alone

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