BC Lions cap situation

Is Montreal retaining some of VA salary? Putiing Rourke on the injured list for 9 games only saves the Lions 40k. Pickink up Adams for 8 games will cost tbe Lions 140k.
Have the Lions squireled away 100k i. A rainy day fund to not go over the Cap?
Is O'Connor hurt? Or did he just quit? Im sure that was tge hardest he has ever been hit in his life. Can they stash him on the injured list if he isnt willing to play?

I believe VA's contract was frontloaded with a bonus. The BC Lions are clear of any cap hits


Is that how the cap works? I’m asking because I don’t know. That’s not how it works in most other leagues as far as I am aware. In the NHL, for example, you could pay a player say $6 million over 3 years with $1 million being paid in years 1 and 3 and $4 million in year 2. Doesn’t matter. The cap hit is the average of the contract being $2 million every year. The only variable is the cash outlay in any given year, not the cap hit.

I think the signing bonus gets around the Salary Cap in the CFL. But you are correct for the Salary Cap of the NHL

Are you saying there is no average annual value (AAV) in the CFL like other cap sports? Any signing bonus would usually be pro rated annually for cap purposes.

I do recall reading on this forum that teams that sign players before a certain deadline can attribute their salary or a part thereof to the previous year’s cap.

Again, I don’t know offhand. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

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IIRC I read somewhere that the Lions had the lowest payroll in the CFL this year so assuming VA does not put them over. In the off-season last year, they offered Kenny Lawler, reportedly, $260K which they didn't use when he didn't sign so they have LOTS of room.

Also, CFL salary cap is calculated on the amounts spent in the year so VA's $195K signing bonus was last year.

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You may be right and the signing bonus you cite seems to be in line with what I remember reading.

If those are the rules that needs to be changed to bring the CFL in line with other salary cap leagues and prevent manipulation of the cap.

As CFL contracts are not guaranteed this is the only way to do it or you would have even more manipulation.

For example: Sign someone to a $2M contract for 10 years but was paid out $900K per season for years 1 and 2 and then $100K for each of the other 8 years, and then cut them after 2 years, the hit would only be $200K per season.


As Zarquon wrote bonus to players are calculated/ charged against the cap the year these bonuses are paid; the $190,000 bonus to Vernon Adams was paid in December 2021, so no impact on 2022 cap. His remaining salary for 2022 was/is $255,000 or a little more than $14,000 a game; for 8 games the costs will amount to roughly $112,000.

In the CFL there is no average annual value; the charges against the cap are reflected when paid; if a player receives a bonus in 2021 as part of his 2022 salary, this bonus is reflected/charged against the 2021 cap. This explains why teams that have cap space in a current year will pay bonuses that year for the upcoming year, which will give them flexibility for that upcoming year.

The BC Lions don't have cap issues and the main factor was that Nathan Rourke is earning roughly $72,000 or $4,000 a game; it also explains why players such as Betts and MĂ©nard are paid roughly $150,000 each. If ever they can keep Rourke, then some players will have to reduce their demands.

As I wrote no cap issues for BC in 2022 which had, at the beginning of the year, the lowest salary costs in the CFL; Montréal was second and the main reasons were that they paid close to $300,000 in bonuses in December 2021, for 2022 players' salaries; these players included Vernon Adams Jr.,Eugene Lewis, their 6 National offensive linemen, Najee Murray.



to understand caps in any league is another school course, you need your ticket. all i know is i work in the financial industry and i have trouble with this stuff. learning the NHL cap because i dont know why teams are allowed to use their LTIR as a cushion. all the leagues also need to have a structure. for example, in hockey, there should be a marquee status (like the cfl had for doug flutie and others) and nobody else can make that. if you look at a lot of NHL teams they are capped out and cant do anything, yet VGK can keep trading and signing guys while over just so other teams dont get them. then injuries are faked or strung out and its very predictable. like Josh Archibald on the oilers who had myo-condo-whatever-it-is and when restrictions lifted like 6 months later, he was in game shape and ready to play. and when he came back when he couldnt play b/c of restrictions, the oilers suspended him w/o pay. lots of loopholes. look at the rant Rome did about baseball and football. tripping over dogs and that, lol.


Very true. It’s a minefield. Every league seems to have some stupid rule or loophole that is ripe for manipulation, including the CFL as set out above. I don’t begin to pretend to understand the NFL but have read many times that a certain player will cost an enormous amount against the cap if they are released before or after a certain date. Garoppolo is an example of that.

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All that changes in the off-season unless Rourke heads to the NFL. Keeping him happy in BC will be expensive. He'll easily command the highest QB salary in the CFL... which is currently held by Zack I think.

The league's equalization must be updated. The community owned organizations have been unfairly bailing out Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa for too often. If CBC deserves government assistance, then CFL also deserves help for its Canadian culture and content. CFL qualify for broadcast under regulations of Canadian content.


Revenue sharing is starting this season, I believe. So if there's been bailing out (I'm not sure that there has been, but), it's about to grow. In conjunction with that sharing, though, the teams receiving money are supposed to be more accountable to the contributing teams. We'll see.

I'm not a big fan of gov't money for the CFL, not directly. I'm good with tweaking CRTC cancon rules to encourage networks to cover and broadcast Canadian sports leagues. And I'm good with gov't money being used to build infrastructure that could benefit CFL teams, as long as that infrastructure would also be benefiting the community in general even if there were no CFL team in the market.

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How is it manipulation?
Same rule applies to everyone

And would that be?

I like their cap situation. Lots of variety to choose from, both modern and retro.