BC Lions/Bombers

Geroy Simon Night. He was giving a pre-game locker room motivational speech to the Lions, telling the team that this (BC locker room) is his "home." Kinda weird with him still being in the employ of the Riders. I wish Wally and Geroy could make nice and find him a PR home with the Lions. That's where he belongs.

Interesting game so far. I'm enjoying the play along the lines the most. Some good stories there.

Yeah...I find it odd that he gives the pre game Lions speech and is employed by a competitor. Strange.

Field goal fest. Another one this year.

zero touchdowns so far....just shoot me already

This is football baby! Incredible game, everything I wanted and more. Now all we need are a few more safeties, a couple rouges and some no-yards penalties and we've got a game!

This is a very good game IMO.

Stegall was better :cowboy:

Just don’t get how you can’t be entertained by this game.

It’s actually a “tough” game. They’re all going to feel beat up after this one.

Totally agree.

So, uh, did Kevin Glenn forget how to play football during the offseason? Travis Lulay can't come back soon enough.

The lions agree with you...in comes Beck

Wow. An actual TD!

KG was always a pick machine.

Last weekend was all about defences and this weekend seems to be all about teams giving away games with turnovers.

The guy whose name I can't pronounce is a FG machine.

Yeah, I like that Maher guy in camp, but LH has been impressive (just get those converts up!)

Wow is Liram money!

Bombers took some heat after signing Moore to that contract from opposing fans.
He looks to be earning his money :thup:

What's this - a game in under 3 hours? :wink:

I like this version of the Bombers. Lots of guts, class and savvy. Been a long time since I could say that.