BC Lions better in the last decade than ever?

Just looking back at some records. Just seems like the Lions have been more consistent from winnin the Grey Cup in 2000, to dominating the CFL standings from 2004 onwards it seems almost every season, and possibly should've ended up with one or two more Grey Cups I say.

Would really love to see a dynasty in BC.

Interesting how the fortunes of the team changed when a certain coach came here from Calgary.

And if you believe some of the rants from earlier in the season - Imagine what our record would have been if Wally had worn a headset for all those seasons.

Yea i'm very thankful to have Wally Buono as our coach. He brings class to this organization and incredible knowledge.

Not to mention Bobby Ackles did so much to turn this organization back into a respected team.

I love being a Lions fan.

Also you have to look at is this is the FIRST decade that the LIONS never missed the playoffs. 15 straight post season and counting.

that is an incredible achievement. :thup:

I'd be pleased if my team had half that number.

given that 75% of the teams make the playoffs each yr, it would be natural for any given team to make the playoffs 3 out of 4 yrs, so 50% of the time would be underacheiving.

yes, but we have been underachievers for quite some time. :frowning: