BC Lions beginning ow'ship change - 1-3 yr business plan

The BC Lions have made a drastic overhaul of their Business operations and beginning in December drastic changes will come effect.

They are hiring numerous out of town ticket representatives, new business executive for provincial wide branding, and will be hiring a new executive for corporate development.

Was told all of this is to get the new ownership a strong transition team requested by potential new owners.

This ia a great sign for the Lions. They are expected to profit for '17 though perception lower than usual attendance has affected revenues. Not so. Higher ticket prices and sold out suites/clubs have been key to the Lions success and new ownership obviously intends to grow on this.

Question is who is the new owner? Reports publicly state Seattle businessmen have been vying the Lions and Canucks for numerous of year. Also Dennis Skulsky current President of the Lions has been rumored.

We shall wait and see but it looks like the Lions are close to being put up for sale.

The Lions have been for sale for about a year though like the Argos, nothing will be done on that front during the season, so hopefully something soon this off season, the better.

I've heard Skulsy's name thrown around and the Canucks. Not sure where you're getting the Seattle based group from as the Canucks are not for sale themselves.

Thought they alredt have a province wide branding? I have other thoughts though not a popular one.

issue is likely targeting audience for ticketing. people have been open not paying high prices for endzone seats. and the travel to games is a big deal not knowing when games will be.

Accass Medium is a couple of years late on his inside info.

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/lions+owner+braley+entertaining+several+offers+club/10209403/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/lion ... story.html[/url]

From 2014

When it comes to the Leos, though, it’s a different story. He says he has “several buyers? in place for the Lions, which he bought in 1997.
[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/with-bc-lions-for-sale-long-time-owner-starts-assessing-potential-buyers/article27345606/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... e27345606/[/url]

From Last year

The process to sell the B.C. Lions is under way, with 19 parties having expressed interest and long-time owner David Braley beginning to assess potential buyers.

From April of this year
Braley turns 75 on May 31 and is approaching the 20-year anniversary since he rescued the Lions from bankruptcy and possible oblivion. He has made no secret of the fact the club is for sale.

That is correct. It is happening now which is great news for the Lions. Been told the Lions are really preparing to crank it up now. A sale is inevitable.

Braley needs to sell the team ASAP to somebody that understands modern economics and how to get the downtown millenials to the games. When you go to a Lions game now, it's a hard core season ticket base that mostly consists of baby boomers. The end zones were pretty empty except for the last regular season game against the Riders. They need to make those seats cheaper and aggressively market them to lower income people. Bring back the $5 for kids deal instead of only having it in the pre season. The Lions really need to try to get as many young people back into the stadium and not rely on the baby boomer demographic as they are aging and moving out of the Vancouver area over time.

The team needs to be aggressively marketing the football name all over B.C. deals, camps, concerts, videos, parties, bussing from nearby cities and towns, group packaging.

Have to stop being so closed off from the rest of the province.

problem with current staff hence the changes that they dont care cause they sill make money.

suppose its a good thing. but proves what kind of goals they are trying to reach.

LOL, pure comedy :stuck_out_tongue: