BC Lions at Saskatchewan Roughriders Semi-Final Game Thread

Go Riders!!

Riders, take no prisoners!! Go Riders Go! I have a feeling, tonight will be a good good night!

WHOO! Argos took care of business. Now it's up to the Lions. Go BC! :thup:

Go Riders!

If the Lions win what will be the excuses made?
Wally's a dirtbag?
The Lions are dirty?
They got lucky?
LOL I can already see it.

Go Lions, pride of BC!!!

Can't compute ... premise invalid ... reject ...

Yonus Davis better bring his A game, those returns will be needed.

No excuses needed, Riders will win, BIG!!

Now that the upset of the day is out of the way, the Riders are destine to win. Thank you Argo's. Go Riders GO!!!!!!! :rockin:

Riders win the coin toss. It's over for the kitty cats already :slight_smile:

Go Lions :cowboy:

Go Lions!!!

Good start by the D :slight_smile:

Go BC...just like in 2008!!

So what's the over/under on Darian Durant completions to Ryan Phillips?
I'd put it at 1.5.


exactly what I was thinking especially in the next two rounds :wink: :wink:

Yeah, Wes is washed up ... right ...

You BC boys should worry more about tackling a little guy than the football he holds :slight_smile:

Love those rider FG attempts

Yep, Conji's injury could be a factor. Maybe it already is.

maybe you sask boys should worry about kicking field goals :wink: