BC Lions at Hamilton Ti-Cats Oct 2012

And here's the online link:

[url=http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/146258/1/watch-bc-vs-hamilton.html]http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/146258/ ... ilton.html[/url]

Nice drive for the Lions - Harris from Lulay...Chappy with kudos. 7-0 B.C.

Where is everyone?

If the Lions keep it up like this, the coaching staff might have to wear those damn ugly pink jackets the rest of the season.

The good thing is; Ti-Cats answer with points - FG none the less… 7-3 Lions

Ah, let them play. Geez, that's not PI.

I agree [however?]; but then Burris and the O must get it going...Lulay's play calls [Mix of sorts] Cats have to step it up.

Again, I don't see the pass interference on Iannuzzi. Maybe the unnecessary roughness, but Tisdale was looking back and blocked the ball. That's bs.

Webb, dirty little punk..

You are completely CLUELESS

Webb was leading with the shoulder.. Ianuzzi FELL into him it was accidental helmet to helmet....

Hamilton with absolutely NO resistance on defence.

Had to laugh at Creehan's latest reaction on the sideline - - shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head. That about sums it up for his coaching job in Hamilton.

Bahh....24-3 Lions lead - Plus side; Edmonton is one step closer via the crossover none the less.

I think there was only one drive where BC was 2nd and long and they didn't convert. Hamilton's D is atrocious. Man, I get my win in the Rona pool but I should would have loved to see the Cats show up.

Late B.C. FG...then TD Hamilton - 37-17 Lions final
Congrats Harris on his record...Ect.

A big part of the problem on that play was Tisdale pulling on Ianuzzi, when he finaly let go he cause Ianuzzi to fall and Webb's hit was the equivalent of hitting a slow moving softball with a bat. I'm so fed up with the clutching and grabbing by defensive backs.

except when they play the Als !

The TiCats have sure sold the farm on defence, I just don't see any playmakers left???

He was leading with his head. A PROPER tackle involves use of the arms, not simply the head.

It was also clearly interference before hand, with the defender pushing-off on Ianuzzi BEFORE turning towards the ball.

Hamilton was terrible on defence, you don't need to excuses for their undisciplined play.

Less than 2 pages for a game thread?? I wonder how the ratings were with so little interest in the game by actual hardcore CFL fans.

The Lions looked good in all areas. They will be tough to beat with the Riders looking like their main competition left this year. To play like they did without Simon, Bruce. Mitchell, Taylor is something else.

The hit by DWebb was simply nasty and I was surprised to keep hearing Glen Suitor defend it over and over. He then went on Vancouver radio after the game to defend his view because he was being hammered all over Twitter for it. He admits it will likely be a fine but doesn't think it warrants anything more.

I was really surprised to see that the CFL record for yards from scrimmage by a Canadian wasn't higher. Harris beat it with 3 games left. He is not as good out of the backfield rushing the ball as others but he is a true double threat as no RB can match his receiving skils. The YAC he gets are such a boost to the team when 3-4 yard plays go for 8-9 each time he touches the ball.

Despite going up against the MLB playoffs, it likely won't be the lowest rated game this week. The Lions lead the league in TSN viewership this season, with strong numbers in the Vancouver market (and on their radio broadcasts) according to team President Dennis Skulsky. I think the lack of participation in this thread speaks more the the lopsidedness of the game.

Agreed here. He was causing a mismatch with Kevin Eiben all night, who was (charitably) a step behind in coverage.