BC Lions at Arblows GDT

This could be hard for Arnots to break their routine of a travel day and staying in a Hotel for their Home game! :wink:

Rogers Centre is giving the first 2,000 Arblow fans through the gate, the finger. :lol:

Rogers Centre announces their restaurants will be closed during the Arnos game, as crew needs roughly 30 hours to make Minute Rice.

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We’re excited for the @TorontoArgos return tonight! #CFLGameDay :? :? :? Unfreaking Real!!!

So if Braley's team beats Braley's team, his team cannot finish ahead of us in the standings, which guarantees a home playoff date.


Going to be tough to get fans out to this "REAL" home game with the Leafs and Raptors in town and the World Series on TV (for those die-hard baseball fans). Still think that the Argos will play better now that they are "home" and beat BC. Having Ricky Ray starting won't hurt either.

Thanks Grover for starting the thread! I will be watching to see how the Jennings-led B.C. offense fares against an Evil secondary that was torched by Glenn-led Als offense last week. Obviously Ray's return as a starter is an upgrade from the recent decline of Trevor Harris as QB for them. The fact Montreal still has a shot at the crossover will give the Lions a lot of juice to get on top on Toronto early and be relentless in salting this away.

Oh...and by the way...this really is a "home" game for the Boatmen. The era of the Concrete Convertible being their regular home digs is mercifully coming to an end.

Oski Wee Wee,


The Lions are fighting for their playoff lives, and Ray scares me. Should be a great game.

The "Jennings love" is in full force highlighting his accomplishments against - the Ticats last week of course! :roll: :twisted: Hope that it doesn't make the game unwatchable!

Of course he was just picked off too.

Nice TD pass! Jennings looks impressive early on.

Yes, but it could make it harder to clinch first in the division.

Yes it was. JJ has the ability to quickly forget bad passes and move on. TO defense seems to have shown up and got them stopped - at least enough that they could only go for the FG.

Ricky is definitely looking a bit rusty early on- has only just gotten his first couple of first downs.

Unless all three teams finish with identical records in which case it is an advantage for the Ticats who would take 1st place based on record vs TO and Ottawa.

Blew guys finally on the board with a FG 9-3

Nice 25 yd scamper by Spencer - should have put him on my fantasy team.

Blew team has a pick and a recovery on a forced fumble and have been able to do nothing with with either - except to go 2 and out.

Wonder if Milanovich regrets not hanging on to Pfeffer when Waters returned earlier in the season. Rogers is no comparison - short punts and a missed FG that was run out.

Ah the Ricky Ray magic finally strikes with a TD bomb to Bates
13-13 gives the blew guys a 1 point lead.

Jennings under a bit of pressure just tosses another pick too with 32 sec to go to half time but Rogers misses a 45 yd FG attempt so no points again (run out)

Precisely. Right now, to clinch first, at minimum we need to split with Ottawa. If Toronto wins their final two games, then the tie-breaker is wins between the three teams, which Hamilton wins. If Toronto loses a single game, then the tie-breaker is point differential between the Ottawa and Hamilton, which makes clinching first a lot more dicier...

....and almost leaves me cheering for the blew guys for two weeks!!! (gasp!!) :o :o :wink: :smiley:

Leos score on a (blew) penalty-aided drive to take the lead again - 18-15 and Ricky Ray has been sacked 5 times already (not quite the end of the 3rd quarter).

This Argo team is brutal with penalties. No discipline

Nobody blows like the Aaaaarrrrrgooooooooos! :lol: :lol: