BC Lions at Als

According to Herb, Anthony should not play Thursday; Him and Brandon suffered concussions. Both Josh Bourke and Kyries Hebert suffered knee injuries and will have MRI's performed early next week; Jim Popp told Herb that Kyries might have suffered ligament damage. Martin Bedard may have suffered a separated shoulder.

Not too many good news.


The ALS injuries are PILING up for sure--

BUt the good news is that BC beat Calgary tonight, so I cant see BC players wanting to travel to Montreal and play a depleted squad--
I could see BC mailing the game in-

Its clear that in the CFL, that teams pick and choose which games to play hard and I think that BC might not want to play on Thursday-

Adding to the fact that the BC defense is terrible vs QBs that they have not seen, because most of their gameplanning is based on FAMILIARITY with the QBS--

I could see the ALS running away with on Thursday-- This is the time of year where teams in BCs position dont care and basically want to mail in a few games-

It wasn't clear to me. Does this happen at team meetings, or is it a coaching decision, or management?

More to the point, why does anyone bother to work up enthusiasm for a spectator sport when the athletes are that cynical about their professional performance? If they are mailing it in on a regular basis, why should we care who wins? There are other things that need doing.

I won't even try to guess at the process, but my observations match Guru's. Home games seem to be the ones to win. I recall a few years back, Als had a back to back series with BC. After the traditional butt-kicking at BC place, the Als beat BC at Molson stadium with Marcus Brady replacing AC. To be soundly beaten one week, and then having your back-up QB follow up with a win, is as revealing a data point as I can think of.

Richard this is going to be your toughest challenge yet! Figuring out which 42 will dress Thursday. :cry:

2 lucky fans will get to dress for thursdays game. Contest rules will be given out tomorrow!

I think it should be by acclamation.

My vote is for Senior as QB. His prophecies have all materialized, he can see the future, years in advance at that. Should be a walk in the park to predict mundane things like coverage and blitzes. :wink:

Because NOBODY likes taking advantage of a team when they're down for the count...

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

You know
Insane as it may seem
If I were in my 20's I'd accept
I was in line to play Tight End
In the Arakgi era
And also played right field in baseball
(great arm)

With about 3 years of training
I might have done as well
As Neus-whatever
Last night

Thx for the vote of confidence
Much appreciated

:lol: :lol:

Or it might just be they had their backs to the wall
And didn't want to lose 2 straight to the same team...
Besides...games in BC are traditionally hard for the visiting team
Something to do with timezones or something

You might want to rework your statistical analasis to a larger sample group

If little Senior is playing QB for the Als, Johnny wants to play defensive end... For the Lions!!!! Someone gonna be on his arse eating turf... :rockin:

Well...it's been fun

Time to go out and greet the beautiful sunny day.

It's only football...after all

And life beckons


Which Als will be on the active roster and dress next Thursday? Challenging assumption.

As many as 7 players dressed in yesterday's game could be out this Thursday.

QB Anthony won't dress but will remain on the active roster; QB Troy Smith,presently on active roster, will dress.

OL Josh Bourke and LS Martin Bedard won't dress/will be added to injured list; I doubt that the Als will bring a new LS for this game,since there are only 2 days of preparation; Patrick Lavoie and Ryan Bomben will be the replacements for Martin. I expect OL Pascal Baillargeon and Anthony Barrette,currently on practice roster, to be on active roster/dress for the game.

WR Brandon London won't dress/will be added to injured list; WR Duron Carter,presently on practice roster, or WR David Clowney,presently on 9 game injured list, or WR Wallace Wright,released at end of training camp, will be added to active roster/will dress.

LB Kyries Hebert won't dress/will be added to injured list; will be replaced by DB/LB B.J. Scott,presently on practice roster, or LB/DB Winston Venable,presently on 9 game injured list, will be added to active roster/will dress. Only 1 player can come out of the 9 game injured list; either WR Clowney or LB/DB Venable or none of them.

DE Brandon Denson won't dress/will go to practice roster; will be replaced by DE Anwar Stewart,presently on practice roster.

If hurt,S Mike Edem won't/would not dress/ will/ would go to injured list/will/would be replaced by DB Jamahl Knowles,currently on practice roster.

I expect RB Brandon Whitaker to remain on 1 game injured list.

There could be as many as 19 players on injured lists,excluding Anthony , and only 4 on practice roster.Presently, salaries of players on injured lists amount to roughly $1,062,000.00; would be roughly $1,500,000.00 with 19. The Als will definitely have to add at least 1 IMP OL,1 IMP WR and 1 IMP LB to the practice roster.

While the next game with BC is important, it is not as important as the remaining 7 games with Eastern opponents and this is why they should not dress players 100% fit to play; let's wait September 3,2013 against the Argos.


Agreed. In ALL sports players have games where they don't have the same focus, and play poorly as a result.

Popp on CJAD tonight said if A.C. doesn`t dress Thursday, Smith could dress as the 3rd QB and that they might put in a couple of plays for him. But he is far from being ready to step in as a regular.

On a short week, I don't want the team wasting precious practice time putting in plays for the third-string QB who's absolutely brand-new to the league. I'd much rather focus on giving the starters as many reps as possible and working in a couple of new packages for the running game.

You have to wonder sometimes…

“We’ve played Calgary, Saskatchewan ... they have the best records in the league and we’ve taken them all the way to the end every time. So we’re just as good as any team in the league. Our record doesn’t show for it. If we can get going and win some games here, we’re going to be a hard team to beat.?-Jim Popp
Jim Popp really believes that the Alouettes are as good as ANY team in the league Even though both Calgary AND Saskatchewan were giving out gifts Like it was Christmas and the Alouettes have been good... all year long :roll:

Despite having the SECOND WORSE OFFENCE in points (Winnipeg 153pts, Montreal 156pts)
Worst quarterback (of the season starting qb’s and still on their feet…or in AC’s case???) in:
Yards Passing: (1322yds)
Yards per Pass: (6.7yds)
Touchdowns: (6!!!)
Yards per Game: (264yds)
Third Worst in Interceptions: (Lulay 7, Reilly 6, Calvillo 5)

SJ Green is 3rd in receiving yards: (Stamps 573yds, Owens 572yds, Green 552yds)
But then you have to go down to 21st place (Arland Bruce 262yds) to find another Lark
I seem to remember a lot of folks predicting a possible 4or5 1000yd receiver season this year…no?

This list goes on…painfully

But really…
In the face of all this…and more
“we’re just as good as any team in the league”

And this is the guy we’re relying on
To turn the season around?

Don’t Bogart that brain aneurysm…old buddy.


Tend to agree, but if they can get him up to speed on some short yardage plays they already have in place he could see some selective playing time.

Remember that game a few years ago alligator face Leak got the start against BC...remember the outcome?? Lol i fear the same will happen thursday.

I don't think it makes one bit of difference. Josh's stats were similar to what AC had been doing all season, maybe one interception more but his yardage and completion percentage were about the same.