BC Lions are pulling a Renegade Slide!

5 losses in a row - Ouch looks like the Lions are pulling a Sept-Oct Renegade slide.

That's gotta be tough on the fans who were all hoping to see the home team colors @ their cup this year...

So who's gonna be in the cup this year?

I say - Sask vs Montreal.

Yeah, I’m glad our 5-game losing streak was at the start were it didn’t matter. Better to end the season on a good note than start off strong then fail imo.

I would guess Sask vs Edmonton in the GC if the Riders crossover.
If Riders stay in west I would guess Edmonton vs Montreal.

I think its gonna be Edmonton vs. Montreal as well.

Actually, BC has losted 4 and not 5 games in a row. However both losing and winning streaks don't last forever. In Montreal game, BC improvements apparent and BC now appears to be on upswing. High probability of BC beating Winnipeg in Vancouver for the next game and move closer to 12-4. Possibly a repeat of 13-5 as in 2004.