BC Lions are frauds

With their laughable loss after being up by 10 with 3 minutes left in the game, the BC Lions have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that their team is not a legit Grey Cup contender.

They have a young quarterback who has blown games on multiple occasions with ill-timed interceptions (Kevin Glenn junior anyone?!), possibly the worst field goal kicker in the league, and a team that has no more than average talent that has boosted their record against weaker eastern competition.

They have only beaten ONE team over .500 this year - a fluky win in week one against Calgary. Their record against the West is a pathetic 2-4 only better than the Jonestown Roughriders.

BC 's pathetic fall is only matched by their embarrassing attendance. Don't be surprised when Edmonton overtakes them for 3rd in the West leaving BC in a crossover position and one and done in the playoffs.

The Last Word

No they are just a good team that got beat by another good team tonight.

Yep that fraud team is going to land up finishing 4th in the West, crossover and run right to the Grey Cup. Wish our Eastern teams like Ottawa and Hamilton were frauds like them. Oh and they are the only team to beat Calgary so far....

The had it wrapped up and just plain threw it away. Winnipeg played hard and tough to the end. BC...not so much

Exactly Goodday. And good day to you by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

The teams with the best chance to appear in the Grey Cup are the Stamps and whoever finishes 4th in the west IMO.

Looks like that is going to be the case. I know upsets happen but I can't see it happening this year. Most likely the biggest upset would be Calgary losing the Grey Cup or Western Final...can you say New England Patriots

Better western teams have crossed over in the past and failed to advance to the Grey Cup. I don't think this year will be any different.

The Last Word

We all know that the Lions are in rebuilding mode. With Lulay stepping back and trying to help develop a young quarter back, a younger team, and Wally back behind the bench this season was expected to be a developing one. No they're not really Grey Cup material but they are where they are.

If there's no improvement next season then yes, I will be dissatisfied.

As far as attendance? It's frustrating. One issue is that real estate prices have pushed real fans out of the downtown. Now people have to come in from Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and the interior.

Vancouver fans are also notoriously fair weathered when it comes to the Lions. When they win, tickets sell fast, When they lose people stay home.

The Lions, like the Argos, need to be far more aggressive in the promotion and marketing.

Not bad for a re-build year. I take that any day. Wally seems to push the right buttons. He had plenty opportunity to pull Jennings last night but stayed the course for the betterment of his development

Lion's not a fraud but all the Lion fans and media disrespecting the Bombers and how hard and well they have played this year, shows they don't have a HOT CLUE what they are talking about !

The government could grant the Lions a million extra for marketing and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. I suspect the problem has got so far out of hand homeless people wouldn't take a fin to attend the first half of any Lions game! :cowboy:

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Even IQ 51 would call you an idio t for that remark.

This game pretty much proves it. No doubt Winnipeg puts up a better fight than the puddy cats of the west getting blown out by 27 points had it not been for the Richie Hall defense and Mike O'shanigan's befuddling call for an impossible 61-yard field goal the week before.

Buono's team has a looooong ways to go before they can play up to the level of the Stamps. Defense in particular put up little resistance all day with over 500 yards against. Would have been more but Calgary took the foot off the gas pedal in the third quarter.

Wow, you’ll do anything to have the last word, pulling up a thread that died 6 weeks ago. :wink:

That was the Vancouver Canucks in BC Lions uniforms.

Jennings will find his wheels next season. No doubt.

Calgary has been great all year and had plenty of time off and to prepare. No shame in the season the Lions had. Now the Argos SUCKED!!!

Lions were weak.

Redblacks will be strong.

Stamps will need to look out!!