BC Lions $5 Tickets for Kids all summer

You do remember the part were I said I was joking about the kids right ?

Funny how you left that part out.

Now, Edmonton and Calgary need to step up and do something similar

I don't remember you telling me that last season but I'll agree with you that it is a nice perk for season ticket holders. However, in the bigger picture it is not a good thing. Regardless if it is a limited number of tickets in only a few sections there are a boatload of tickets still available for the game on Ticketmaster. Looks pretty much like the same deal as last season and after seeing that you said:

Sadly, I think that statement stands true again.

Good to see that nothing ever changes with you TB. We discussed this last year on Argofans.com IIRC.

Were you this concerned when the leafs gave away free preseason tickets to the general public?

As an Argos fan and season ticket holder no I'm not concerned about the Leafs giving away preseason tickets to the general public. The Leafs sell enough season tickets to be sustainable.

I don't think either Edmonton or Calgary need to do it, they are selling enough regular price tickets.

BC did it because of the big attendance drop last year, I assume that ticket sales are not going that well this year and this is a good way of increasing attendance.
You would think that with a 12 win season and signing of exciting players like Chris Williams that their attendance will increase this year.

Excellent move by Lions and other teams, if it makes sense and only if it makes sense of course, should do something similar.

Why would you need me to reenforce what you already said yourself? I never thought you were serious about it in the first place. You need affirmation that desperately?

The fact you pointed it out , caused me to think you thought I was serious.
Just like my sarcastic drone hologram statement.
You reacted like I was serious.

No, I do not need affirmation. I just like to be clear.

Cool. I didn't mean to point it out per say but rather was making it clear as to what gave me/many others the impression that you lived in B.C.

OK, thanks for clearing it up.

Most of the long time members here know I live in Calgary yet go out to Vancouver for games , so I just kinda took it for granted.

This is more proof that most people take little facts and make up the rest with self-delusions.

Usually not a good idea to be presumptuous and assume things for granted. In any event it's no biggie.
Way to show support for the league and attend games in other cities. I like to do the same if I can.