BC Lions $5 Tickets for Kids all summer

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Will all be tremendous games! SSKx2, EDM, WPG and CGY
Young fans turn into old fans!

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$5 tix for kids all summer at #BCLions games. Great idea


[i]Following last year’s tremendous response to the $5 home-opener youth ticket, the club is very excited to announce that all summer home games in 2017 will feature a $5* ticket available to kids 12 and younger.

The summer special includes five games and kicks-off with the team’s preseason tilt versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday, June 16.

Also included in the promotion are the Lions’ home-opener versus the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday, June 24, a visit by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Friday, July 21, a Saturday afternoon clash against Saskatchewan on August 5 and a big West Division showdown with the Calgary Stampeders on Friday, August 18.

“Ensuring games are affordable for the entire family is a top priority for our organization,? said VP, business operations, George Chayka. “Not only is our $5 youth ticket going to be a great way for everyone to see the Lions this summer, each game is a critical one against a different West Division rival.?

*Children attending the game must be accompanied by an adult. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Tickets cannot be used by persons over the age of 12 and will be verified upon entry to stadium.[/i]

That is awesome. I wish public transportation companies would do the same thing. Better to get $5 for the seat (plus concessions) than dad just saying he can't afford to take his family.

Very nice. Well done lions and CFL

Great initiative.

Good job by the Lions. It's nice to see a team acknowledge when demand is down to try and do things to stimulate sales and get people back in the stands.

Offering this kind of deal to kids 12 and under will not alienate season ticket holders and will also build the next generation of fans.

Hope the Argos will do something like this too.


Get new Lions fans and have them grow into forever fans. :thup: :thup:

I just hope the little brats are not in my section. :x :x

Great idea.

So you don't even attend games in Calgary?

That's great. Perfect.

Does the required adult accompanying the kid get in for free?

The adult has to pay for a full price ticket, it sounds like a great way to get an adult to pay the full ticket price.
But looking at the cheapest tickets available, a 3 pack at $120 or $40 a ticket and that’s in the back of the end zone.
Seats between the goal line and 55 yard line, orange and red, average $220 for a 3 game back - that’s over $70 a ticket.
Not cheap but you can take a kid for free.


C'mon now, you know I attend games in Calgary .

I go out to Vancouver 3 x a year ( July - Aug - Sep ) for Lions games.

Just kidding about the brat comment.

Hope they show up loud and proud.

Hey kids just remember if ya see this guy at the game..........DON'T GO NEAR HIM !!! :smiley: :lol: :cowboy:

How would I know that?

Anyway great initiative. I suggest they try the same thing in Calgary to try and drive the turnstiles.

btw - I have 2 CFL season tickets in Calgary and only use one myself. I always give a ticket away to a friend hoping to attract them to the CFL game. They always enjoy the game but none have taken it the step further of buying their own ST's. My feelings on this are completely altruistic.

How would you know that ?

Of all my postings I am sure I have mentioned going to games.
Or because I live in Calgary and am a Stamps fan, that you would have assumed I go.

Anyway, nice of you to buy tickets and give one away.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My co-workers just came over to see what I was laughing about.

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Thanks BOBO.

This will keep me in a good mood all day.

The Argonauts are giving away 10 extra preseason tickets for Season Ticket holders friends and family again.

How is that a good thing? That means there are boatloads of tickets available and I guess the repeat business that they were hoping for last season when they offered this didn't really pay off. I'm sure they see it as getting people in to hopefully buy some concessions and/or merchandise but it's not a good sign for season ticket sales.

They're offering this for a pre season game much like this year so I really don't see how this can be viewed as a negative.

If they were doing this for the regular season then I can see the bad optics. But to offer this for a meaningless game and only available through season ticket holders? I see it has an extra perk, Christmas in June.

Swinging back to the Lions, they need to fill extra seats too so why not stimulate the market and expose the next generation of fans. I don't there will be too much movement in ST sales there until the team is sold.

I don't read every post.

I knew from past discussions you were a Calgary fan but I had no idea you live in Calgary. When you mentioned that you didn't want the kids in your section at the BC games I figured you were a Calgary fan living in BC.

I love the CFL and regularly get in convo's with those who try to insult it or the NFL fans and their inferiority complex about the CFL which results in them babbling about stuff they know nothing about.

I'll tell you the same thing that I told you last season TB. It's a nice perq for season ticket holders and there are a limited number of tickets available in only a few sections and it's first come, first served.