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Short stint with the Lions

Former BC Lion Doesn’t have faith in BLM


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I’m very interested to see a former rugby player in the draft pick. Seems like he was on the fringes of pro rugby in Europe, played a bit in Major League Rugby in USA and then switched to arena football.
There have been a couple of high-profile rugby players who have tried out for the NFL, as the awareness of gridiron as a career option for rugby players, might we see more from a rugby background come to the CFL?

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Wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion.

I agree, this guy from South Africa has played rugby fullback to a good standard, so along with his kicking skills there might be potential to utilize him in other ST roles.

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Could you imagine a punter in the CFL who can also tackle!

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hehe, I think I’ve seen a punter attempt a tackle in either CFL or NFL, the tackling technique was not exactly textbook.

Can a punter regain his own kick in CFL?
Rugby fullbacks make that play all the time, punt the ball to regain it themselves 20 yards upfield.
Can you imagine that play on a 3rd-down?

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Punters or any other player long side or behind the kick is eligible to recover the kick downfield (also applies to missed field goals) in Canadian Football.

There was are some punters in the CFL that have recovered their own kick downfield.

Let me know what you think.

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Former BC Lion


Thanks for these!!

So I suspected there would be some holdover from rugby in the CFL rules, love that TiCats play with the onside players. On the other plays… I don’t fully understand why players on the receiving team don’t catch/dive on the live ball, but I’m loving the hussle of the punters diving on the live ball with no regard for personal safety.





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Former BC Lion

2 Lions

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Happy Belated Mothers Day


And a belated happy Mothers day to @GridironGirl
Whom I would say is our only Mother member of our Forum


I was thinking the same thing but I’m glad you put it into words.


It’s actually Day 2

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Surrey kid was one of the cuts.