BC Lions 2024 Season

I was very impressed by McInnis in 2023.
Interesting article on his career thus far, I was not aware he is Canadian.
Hoping to see his star continue to rise in 2024.

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He will be missed, his game-day entrance to BC Place had become a TSN staple.
Last season he was quieter than before and was outshone by some of the younger receivers on the team but he still did make some big plays none other than his game-winning TD against Ottowa followed by his trip into the stands to hand the ball to his mother.

At 31 and with the motivation to continue playing, I’d say he could be a useful asset to someone.


Wednesday Night in Kamloops!

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3 UBC Players on the Roster


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Lucky Whitehead no longer a BC Lion but Coach Phil is fired up about him getting him signed.

Former BC Lion James Butler touches on his time in Vancouver in this interview.

3 BC Guys in the top 20 Scouting Bureau Rankings


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Any thoughts on this signing @BetweenTheGoalposts


As a matter of fact, I do have some thoughts about the Lions signing Shane McDonough.

Right off the bat, he is American, which makes his likelihood of making the final roster lower than the average specialist.

I have watched some tape on him and have some notes from his latest workout with Nick Novak. He shows potential but struggles to hit consistently great punts. While he may not consistently nail every punt, his leg strength, as showcased in the highlight reel you mentioned, is undeniable.

The decision to bring in a punter like McDonough likely stems from concerns surrounding Stefan Flintoft’s performance. In 2021 I had Flintoft ranked as the #1 Punter in the CFL. In 2022, I had him at #4. This past year? I had him ranked #6.

He still has those flashes of greatness but the ironic thing is that he also really struggled to pin opponents deep. He only had 17% of his punts remain inside the 20-yard line when the league-wide average was closer to 26% of punts. Flintoft also led the league in Rouges, which only furthers my point that he struggled to keep punts out of the endzone.

Considering Flintoft’s American background, it’s evident that the Lions are open to non-Canadian specialists. I think Flintoft is in the hot seat. The Lions may be just hosting a tryout for the PS position, as they have been known to keep a specialist on the PS in case of injury and they lost Kieran Burnham to the TiCats this year.

It’s more likely, in my opinion, that McDonough has been brought in to compete for the starting position. I don’t hate it. It’s a make-or-break season for Flintoft. He is going to be a Free Agent after this year is finished and needs to prove he is their guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if another Punter was signed before the season started.


Sean Whyte (or should I say his wife) is having a baby. Congrats



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Obviously the BC Lions stole the Justin Beaver idea from @Maxxx17