BC Lions 2024 Season

people don’t like change. Imagine if Ambrosie wanted a Thanksgiving Grey Cup for example :wink:

The thing that the article doesn’t say is that he might be the sacrificial lamb when it comes to football participation.

Not everyone agrees with the 9 provinces.

I thought Ambrosie was pushing for a October Final🤣

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I think he pushed for it when he was trying to get a deal on the NFL Network but that has since changed to "We’re not changing the Grey Cup date until after expansion.

Who knows what will happen though?

The Network did push for it but Ambrosie himself said that has to be negotiated between the league and the players association.

Well they were able to put the option of moving up upto 30 days in the current CBA.

So far neither expansion or the early start are on the horizon.

Then again he wanted to pair up with the Vanier Cup after moving the Grey Cup up a week so not sure which direction he wants to go .

Jim Mullin for CFL commissioner sounds pretty neat if he’s offered that option.

Jim seems to have a plan for Football Canada.

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Well, BC’s offence, despite moving on from a receiver or two got a major upgrade with Stanback. Their run game wasn’t something to be feared last season and on top of all else it should back the rush off from other teams.

The defence losing Betts is a blow but there are a bunch of guys looking for jobs from the spring leagues now too. On top of which I think there is some disillusionment with the “play well and maybe you have a crack at the NFL” that spring leagues promised.

I haven’t paid a ton od attention but have the Lions picked up a bunch of guys to try out in camp for the D-Line?

Only the one that I know of but there’s always the American free agency camps and the draft.

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My memory is pretty not good at times!! Especially right now (trauma anniversary). I knew they picked up Robertson…

There are a bunch of guys from spring leagues available now too. I have seen a lot of signing from a bunch of teams.

Campbel has a good eye for talent too and though guys like Betts are not easy to replace I’m sure he will find someone adequate.

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yeah Lions signed their draft pick Daniel Joseph after he couldn’t find work in the spring leagues.

Off the injury pile they signed Stove Richardson I think.

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Former BC Lion



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Former BC Lion


Looks like Lucky’s time here is done. Kind of sad to see him go, he certainly added some colour to the game.