BC Lions 2024 Season

maybe because it is so?

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The reporter was most likely wondering what the difference was between his old and current teams. Both had very poor records but they had different attitudes regarding football in his opinion. 3 down tends to dramatize things and I’m sure he didn’t mean anything nasty by it.

Speculation on my part would be that the fellow might think that if he talked about “the losing culture” then perhaps if SFU reinstated the football program it would change the attitude and take football seriously.

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Hmm, yes, it sounds like you’re making common sense.
I think SFU will rebuild the football program when it sees results. But it turns out that without results, there won’t be the football program. Sounds like they need new management that will find a solution.

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4 BC Players included

Born in Vancouver

James West - former BC Lion

Mother was born in Abbotsford, BC.

BC Native


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Interesting read in regards to Jim Mullin.

In summary what’s the actual issue with this as I am not aware of any in Football Canada that we know of?

Lack of transparency perhaps.

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This is the key paragraph of the article.

On Monday, Football Canada board members were informed that the organization would undergo a leadership transition in preparation for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, which will be the first to include flag football. Two new executive positions, an executive director and business operations manager, will replace the role of president under the new model.

Looks like Jim wanted to change things too much internally. Maybe he figured that the President had too much on his plate and the organization could have someone focus on tournaments etc.

Seems like a good idea. So why the hubbub?

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