BC Lions 2024 Season

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It warms the cockles of me crusty ole heart to see 50,000 fans come out for a game. Thanks Amar, we love what you’re doing for our league.


yeah, makes the Calgary half time show look silly in comparison.

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I’ve never seen this before but BC is running 2 Long Snappers…

They are fielding Riley Pickett (#45) on field goal snaps, presumably because of the familiarity between himself, Flintoft, and Whyte.

They are also fielding Kyle Nelson (#47) on punting snaps, which is really interesting to me.

Riley Pickett was the best LS in the CFL last year, in my opinion so I wonder what the gameplan is here.

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They probably want to keep Nelson around because he’s local and a former NFL player. I believe he also had an older family member play in the CFL as well so it could be a “who you know” situation.

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I don’t blame them at all.

Ever since Jake Reinhart had that career-ending elbow injury I have always been a fan of keeping 2 LS around.

During the preseason, Kyle Nelson got 100% of the field goal snaps and I recorded 3/6 of his field goal snaps as accurate. He did much better on Punt snaps, with 5/6 being recorded as accurate.

Pickett had 6/7 punt snaps being recorded as accurate.

I didn’t track statistics for FG/Punt snaps separately last year, so it’s possible that Pickett’s punt snaps are a bit wobbly/underpowered, or it could be related to blocking after the snap.

I’ll keep a close eye on it this year.

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That’d be great because most of the Lions fans here drink heavily during the game and would probably miss those kinds of details :wink:


Lions Move Up Despite Loss

@PorkyPine You’re probably not using it but if you know someone in your neighbourhood who wants to, let em know.

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