bc lion wants nfl next year what else is knew

emanual Arceneaux of the bc lions just said that he wants 14 touchdowns this year to help himself get on a nfl roster next year, this is what is wrong in this league, it seems like a farm league when players have this attitude, i understand if they get a shot at the nfl and go there but to come out say that pubicly is not good, i hop he gets only 5-6 touchdowns and no nfl teams want to look at him. what does everyone else think.

In the old days, Wally would have cut him already.

That's bush league on his part.
Would you want to go to battle with a guy, (assuming he said that) who's just there for personal gain?
Pretty arrogant on his part, as he's 3rd now on the receiving chart and may go down even more.
He's no lock to do anything...

Hope he gets cut, set an example :cowboy:

Timely post, as note this post from yesterday about the Miami Dolphins raiding the CFL to look at not just guys like him and not only at BC where they have plucked two players already:


You'd be a fool to think the Dolphins are alone given the copycat nature of the NFL, but I have no idea who else at the NFL level is trolling up there now in NFL down time until July before training camps and a preseason that are far too long start.

As I have said repeatedly on here (and my apologies to those who have heard it many times before but for those new to the notion), in the long-term interest of the CFL and IMHO also the NFL, mandate a 2+1 contract at minimum for all players instead of the current 1+1 revolving door business.

And no you can't shut the revolving door altogether in a free labour market especially with the financial disparities of course, but at least more can be done to retain more of the talent for longer in the CFL PLUS the intangible benefits of improved overall league play and improved franchises arising from player stability that comes inherently with familiarity with any given team's systems.

Does anyone actually have anything to back this up?

If this is true, I hope he gets cut or gets only 2 or 3 td's. Extremely unprofessional on his part. Even if you hate playing up here, keep it to yourself

I have heard nothing about that here.
However, I don't doubt that ANY player in the CFL would go to the NFL when they are offered anywhere from 10-15 times the money. Who wouldn't? $5,000,000 a year can buy loyalty quite easily.

Arseneux had a radio interview this morning, so perhaps he said it then. I didn't hear him say that, though? Lions players are always auditioning for the NFL, with the Dolphins and Jets head scout's monitoring every workout at training camp this week in Kamloops. An NFL scout said yesterday that Cleo Lemon could be in the NFL next season after watching the Argos training camp...only problem is I believe Lemon signed a 3-year deal in Toronto. :roll:

Big production in the CFL is not always a big factor in the NFL selection process. The Bombers lost Doggett, Guice and Ryan to the NFL this season and they've done nothing in the CFL. In BC, the Dolphins signed Lumballa and Grice-Mullen, the two biggest under-performers on the Lions team. It's is speed and youth they are often looking for in the CFL.

I'm not surprised. They are looking for the next Cam Wake.

I don't see the problem with what Arcenaux says. He's setting himself a goal and if he reaches it, it will be good for the Lions. He is a receiver... its not like he can force the QB to throw him the ball. If he gets open, gets the call, catches it in the end zone good for him and the Lions. Its not hockey...

i just read an article about the redskins having scouts at the argo camp lookin at lemon and a few others.
it went on to say this redskin scout ( brown?? ) is going across all CFL camps.

...I truly hope he does get 14 TDs this year....7 on July 4th and 7 on August 12th...

I really don't see this as a problem. There is nothing "wrong" with the CFL. Players come and go, that's pro sports. Sure it's nice to see a guy stick around the same town for a lengthy career, and some do. That's what makes those guys special. But if Arceneaux achieves his goal, he will have helped his team. If he makes an NFL team he'll take a lot of CFL good will with him, and that will in turn help the league recruit players.

Yes Chief ...see the article with photos via my link below that goes to the Palm Beach Post, though Arcenaux is not mentioned in it specifically, he is likely one of those targeted when you put two-and-two together here and know for darn sure some of the players probably got wind of the Miami Dolphin scouts on site not just at BC's camp.

Also I posted the information in the "Offseason Transactions" thread.

Don’t see what the big deal is, players go to the NFL all the time.

Sounds like a non story to me.

The binding contract aside that will stand of course, Lemon's time is in the CFL and likely for the Argos or bust. Lemon would just be retreaded again in the NFL, and I see this as a case of basically someone wanting him more now only because they can't have him. Kind of like a girl you once liked who did not want to have anything to do with you until she saw you dating a hotter chick you know?

It's not like Lemon and his agent, like almost all other NFL free agents, were or are not knocking doors and waiting for the phone to ring for months before jumping to the CFL you know.

Sometimes I think with what seems to be a low success rate of CFL players once in the NFL who return to the NFL, though I am still learning more about this "revolving door" of sorts, that the NFL scouts are just looking for bodies to fill in temporary gaps. Sometimes they just want to push other favoured players in training camp and otherwise until the next season when a new crop of draft picks and free agents push these guys on the margins out again due to either the high level of competition or unrealistic expectations for the new guys at the expense of more proven veterans who ought to have kept those jobs in the first place when any given rookie or hyped free agent busts.

Never mind of course often the absurd money to follow the rookies and/or the new free agents from other teams more than the guys who ought earn more yet are signed for less sometimes only because they were not high draft picks or because their preceding team did not overpay for them.

You've heard me say it before many times, 2+1 minimum in the CFL and there you go as another case for it as well as what Goodell is pushing now with separate rookie salary caps in the NFL given the abundance of heavy draft busts.

What? I’m not sure if its the length,language manipulation, or your literary skills…but you lose me. Maybe its just me. But are you advocating…exactly what here?

I'll repeat it all again sometime, as many have read my rant about it too many times already, but you probably did not notice in previous posts. I have advocated for awhile that the minimum CFL contract be at least a 2 years plus a one year option for rookies instead of the current mandatory minimum 1+1 contract due to the issues I view as mostly negative, for both the NFL and CFL, that are associated with the "revolving door" between leagues with some of the more talented CFL players.

Hopefully that helps with some understanding of my previous post.


Some players set personal goals to go to another team for whatever reason, to win a title perhaps, when they become a free agent. If a guy's goal is to get a shot at 5 times his current salary or maybe even more in the long run, who am I to say that's wrong.