BC Lion players can truly inspire you.

Geroy Simon- This guy has inspired me so much, he never gives up, he was barely seeing no ball at the beginning of the season, but never gave up, and now he is seeing so much ball, and has got over 1000 yards. Any kid would love to be Geroy Simon, heck, any adult to. This guy has so much heart, and keeps his offense positive, he is outstanding. I would love to meet him one on one, one day at the bc lions dome and just throw the football around. Its also my dream to be a BC Lions Slot Back and wear his number 81 and make him proud, but we all know, nobody is better then Simon. Thank you Simon.

Casey Printers- He never gives up, he sucked up a thumb injury on this throwing hand to play today! And that interview at the end... wow, he had tears in his eyes, he really cares about his team, and loves to be a lion. After no playing in the begging of the season, he finally gets a call, and gets put in after like 2 weeks of training, and look where he has taken our lions. Thank you Printers.

Martell Mallet- He is a rookie RB, but, he plays like a veteran who has been in the CFL for 7 years. This guy truly amazes me, he has brought BC to where they are today, among with some others. This guy never gave up, and look where he got. He is an amazing, amazing, amazing RB, good job, and thank you man.

Ian Smart- He came back, proved himself, he never gave up, and was not mad that he got to barely play the whole season, he came back and wanted to win. Thank you.

Barron Miles- You got to love this guy, second for best interceptions, and made some nice hard hits today. He proves age does not matter, this guy keeps his defense positive, good job man, and thank you.

Emmanuel Arceneaux- This guy came out of no where the past recent games, he has been playing amazing. Him and printers also have something going on. But he had to fight to where he has got to now, and keep his head held how, and Id say I am truly impressed with his performance, Thank you Arceneaux.

Ryan Grice-Mullen- Sure, he had a slow start, but he is coming out of his shell, humongous kick returns from him, good speed, good dekes, and also nice catches, he also has come out of no where and impressed us all. Good job and thank you.

Now all of these guys I mentioned, have inspired me, this is why I am a Lions fan, all of these guys also played great today. I would love to wear anyone of their numbers. I am proud to be a lions fan, and proud to have all of you other lions fans on this forum. Thank you so much.

nice post!! :rockin:

Other notables today:

Paul McCallum played great. Very clutch.
Brent Johnson with his 3 sacks...welcome back "old" Brent!!

The secondary played well until the 4th quarter.

Casey Printers....if we had him all year....this would have all been so very different. he is a star and we're lucky Wally gave him a chance. He is no doubt our #1 next season.

oh dang, I forgot about those 2, they did play really good, but I mainly put my favorites down, and also, Ricky Foley played a good game. And yes, printers will be number 1 for sure next season.