BC Lion have a new retail store

Hi all, I am very curious to your reponses on ...if BC lions had a retail outlet store in Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler. etc.....how would the fans of BC lion react to this? Appreciate your feedback


I would think they need to open one in the lower mainland first... I'm currently not aware of one!

I'd purchase items at one in Victoria. Currently you can only get hats, jerseys, and a few t-shirts at Sport Chek and Sports Mart.

Who needs a retail store when anyone, anywhere, with a computer and an internet connection can purchase Lions apparel by following the link on the front page of http://www.bclions.com? Retail store owners need to pay extra for overhead, staffing, insurance, security..., making it tough to compete against simpler and cheaper-to-run ebusinesses.

By the way, didn't there use to be a Lions retail store somewhere in the false creek area of Vancouver? Does it still exist?

For those who have reservations about shopping online, Lions products can be bought at the games. Fans who live south of the river can buy Lions' apparel at their practice facility, located at 10635-135th St, Surrey, but selection may be limited. SportChek and other sports retailers all around the province sell Leos apparel and might be able to "special order" a specific product if requested, particularly in the more remote areas of the province. Some retail shops on the public side of YVR sell unique types of Lions apparel during the regular season. I am sure there are other places as well that stock Lions gear during the football season.

So I don't see a pressing need for more places to buy Lions apparel.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: