BC Lineman leg whip

Did anyone see the leg whip that BC's Rob Murphy inflicted on the Winnipeg lineman? No wonder the rest of the league's defenses refer to BC's O line as "Dirty"!

Oh brother not this again.

Yes and Chris Schultz showed it and made a big speach about it at halftime.
He basically called out Rob Murphy and told him not to be a dirty player with such tactics.

Tillman is sending the video to the CFL as we speak.

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Special Delivery I heard!

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And like it doesn’t happen anywhere else… :roll: :roll:

It does happen, but fairly or unfairly, Murphy's reputation has made him a marked man.

I heard the call on the radio and the Lions play-by-play were in a state of shock. They said they've seen bad calls this year but this one took the cake. It's pretty sad the CFL is trying to make #56 their scapegoat, but he'll get the last laugh in November. No chance in hell he'll win the Lineman award this year even though he is the best. He will win the Grey Cup though.

...the home town radio guys disagreed with the call?!?!...heavens sake tell me it isn't so!!!....

....it wasn't a really blatant leg whip, but a whip all the same...the call was legit...

The fact other O-Linemen do the same thing #56 does and don't get called for it is truly sad. I guess when you're as good as Murph people need different ways to slow you down.

Haven't seen such a dominant player in years.

Actually, the guys out here are surprisingly candid in what calls and criticisms should be made. It's one of the things I like about these guys. If the Leos screw up, they say so.

Schultz is just an idiot...too many hits to the head while he played, and now he can't see anymore.

....other lineman do it sure, and they get called for it as well....the us-against-the-world thing isn't really necessary here....

Give it a rest RLR. It was a leg whip. Was it dirty? No. But, it was called tripping and it was. The lineman was past him,and he tripped him, and it was intentional. I wouldn't call it dirty, I'd call it reflex. It may not have even been intentional. But it did deserve the penalty.

Tell me, did the play by play guys comment on the obvious facemasking that the Lions got away with that would have given the Bombers a first down deep in Lions territory?

Some plays are caught, some are missed. The fact is it was a good call but it sure doesn't need to be sent to the league office.

It was ruled a trip , he got a penalty for it , end of story. Anything else to talk about??
Figures some rider fans are still WHINING about LOSING to BC .

You know pennw you would think that just maybe a bomber fan would have posted this but your right it had to be a rider fan still bitter from their loss.

darideran by any chance are you Eric Tillman?

I thought this was a football forum. I didn't realize that your team could not have lost to another team in order not to comment. RW05, I guess since Calgary has not lost to Edmonton, or Winnipeg yet it doesn't leave you much to talk about.

Now getting back to the topic at hand, I agree it was a leg whip. I also think that had the ref not been paying attention to murphy it would have gone uncalled.


They call tripping penalties when they see them.
GMs and coaches do bring issues of enforcement to the leagues attention from time to time.
Murphy clearly trips his man, and I am pretty certain he did it intentionally.
Good call.
We beef all the time when the refs screw up, it is beyond me why we also beef about them making the correct calls....

Hmmm I noticed that the Bomber player never got a penalty late in the game for hitting Jackson late and below the knee. So we should lable him a dirty player to. Keep in mind Murphy is not a dirty player he is just very agressive and notice that the player that started this "Dirty player" comment about Murphy is no longer playing in the CFL.

He is dirty.