BC Key to Success - Contain Kerry Joseph

Kerry Joseph was very very impressive today. He's healthier than last year.

The BC dline and linebackers have got to figure out how to stop the quarterback draws and in particular the play action roll out passing/run options Kerry Joseph uses. He kept going to the well again and again.

BC defence will needs its speed and smarts.

BC guy in Winnipeg.

I also have a feeling that their #1 RB Wes Cates will be in the line up too. He should provide other options too. Our D is pretty aggressive, see what they do about our rush ends. I have a feeling we'll see a lot of crossing and dumps from them.

He'll be rolling around like a piggie in a mudhole, so gonna have to see our secondary sharper than last game (ugh Corey Banks!)

Think our guys need the Joe Train to batter and fry that D-line of theirs too. Get some breathing room for JJ.

Should be loud too. Crowd should be a BIG factor. And if you listen hard enuff you'll hear me screaming through my screen.

Riders - 42
Lions - 7

thats the most ridiculous prediction i have seen in my life on these CFL boards. I meen i want the lions to win but it would be nieve to think that they are going to win by 35 points. Lets get real, not matter what you predict it’s not going to effect the outcome.

Oh ok were troling on other peoples turf I got you slitherx.
The Lions just got to play their game the Ridersa have to worry.

lol, thats closer to last years results…only backwards