BC just became my second favorite team

Hey guys...Al's fan here.

I just wanted to tell you all that I think your organization has a lot of class. Yesterday, I opened up my Montreal Gazette to find an ad placed by the Lion's congratulating the Als for the win in the big game. Very nice!

I'll be pulling for you guys to come out of the West next year! :thup:

With guys like Braley and Buono running the show, I'd expect nothing less. Its not just good sportsmanship, its good for the whole league.

You guys are forgetting something major here....... Wally once apon a time played for the ALS........that might have something to do with it!

Great move at any rate! :thup:

I noted that the Lions also took out a similar ad for the Riders in the Leader Post on Saturday.

Very classy! Nicely done.

See you next year! :rockin:

I wonder where the Grey cup will be held next year? Hmmmm.

Nothing to do with next years GC. As noted by SS, they did the same for rider nation. I think Brailey is a nice guy.