BC is going to be a Tough Challenge !!

The Game is Sold Out ! :rockin: Time for the 13th Man to step up and Help the Cats even more now with several key players down with injury !

:rockin: :rockin: BRING THE NOISE TIGERTOWN :rockin: :rockin:

Will you be selling those noise makers ?

In the last game. We had a guy in front of us with this horn that was incredible loud. i cant even describe the sound. It was just awesome. All i had was a small cowbell :cry:

Come by the tailgate area (Lot J) we are along the fence line on the east side, I have a few left :rockin:

BC a tough challenge?

Next week in Edmonton will be a tough challenge, this is merely a practice game....

tried to find you last week but I got in a little late to the parking lot you probably were already inside? you got some Ticats swag I can identify you with



Maroon Kia Sportage SUV

hope to see you at the game :thup:

Containing Andrew Harris is a challange for any team he's an explosive back but Coach O and his defence have risen to that challenge before and the Tiger-Cats are sitting second to Edmonton on the QB sack totals with a game in hand as league leaders so it will be a challange but we've been here before and just need to get the job done with another Win at THF!!

When Lulay calls the signals make plenty of noise, lets wash out the signals with loud and proud Tiger-Cat cheers!!

It's a Cat Fight in Hammer-town tomorrow (Saturday) night.


Messam too was running all over teams but did not have much success against the Ticats D and that was in the Riders own barn!

BC has been pretty inconsistent so far this season and has generally not played well on the road, especially in the east.
Personally, I am not too concerned about the Ticats vs the Leos. Looking forward to the cat fight :slight_smile:

Im with you Tabbie

As long as the Cats are not looking past this game to Edm we stay undefeated :rockin:

I can’t imagine the TC"s not looking at some final cuts come cut down time in the NFL like RB. :cowboy:

The only tough challenge last night, was when the Lions couldn't find the field and showed up elsewhere.

:wink: :cowboy: