BC has Hamilton just where they want them-

I like BC's chances for an easy win in Hamilton this weekend. Despite having Qb injuries even if we have to play Zac Morris or whatever his name is the Lions should win this game quite easily as long as 3 things happen.

1- Mike Benevides stays aggressive and does not play the SUPER SOFT ZONES that have plagued this team all year long, hopefully Hamilton doesn't abuse Dante Marsh with 6'5 tall receiver Rodriguez. Stay aggressive all game long.

2- Paul Macalum is prone to kicking what I call a McCallum Special- In every game on the road in the 4th qtr, he makes sure he kicks a 20 yard punt when the Lions are backed up deep in their end.

3- Buono late play calling to cement the WIN- The lions will win this game unless WALLY makes some questionable coaching decisions.

If the Lions can do these 3 things they will win at Hamilton very easily. Hamilton is not going to show up, they already beat Winnipeg and that was there GREY CUP IMO. They earned their pay cheques in that game vs Winnipeg and I would be absolutely shocked if they even show up vs BC. I am pretty sure Hamilton is not ready to play playoff football..

When they dunked the GATORADE on the coaches head after beating Winnipeg, I knew right there they would lose to BC, because they are not ready and will not show up. I mean if i was playing on Hamilton I would do the minimum possible and just get the season over also-

BC always wins these games on the road when no one expects them to show up. This is the classic spot where BC wins and Hamilton is disinterested to play. Also Hamilton never wins when tehy are favored and expected to win.

SO lets book our trip to Montreal, who we basically own and can beat them maybe if we have Jarious back or Printers. I think Pierce should only be holding for field goals that is it.

I agree that we can go in and play hard and mistake free football we can win. By no means should we look at this as a "forsure" victory. Most teams that walk in expecting to steam roll a team like that end up getting beaten. I know for a fact that our guys will not be entering this game with that mentality. If anything they feel they need to play even harder to make up for squeaking in the back door.

The keys are:
1. Production with martell mallet on first down to put the offense in a more manageable second down position. This keeps the defense honest and prevents them from all out blitzing every down
2. Run defense. I dont know if your remember how cobb roasted us in the early season. It was pretty ugly and i dont think we are the same Defense as we were then. Control the run and force second and long (bring pressure and hit the Qb, we all know glen does not like to get hit)
3. Smart Hard Football. Limit penalties, big plays and make the big play for 4 quarters

Keep your fait and hope that we show up ready to play playoff football because there is no other chance. Its win or go home losers and I don't think we are ready for that

we got a shot! keep the faith

I don't like the Lions chances on Sunday. Hamilton started off as a team with troubles but has built the team up throughout the year. The Lions also started out with troubles and for a while looked like they were overcoming them. Now however things look really bleak. We dropped the last three games of the season against the three teams we needed to beat. If it weren't for Hamilton's current strength we wouldn't even be in the playoffs! Now we don't even have one healthy quarterback. The best we can expect is Printers with a wonky thumb. Sorry, but the good ship BC Lions is too full of holes to float for long.

This is the opinion of one B.C. fan, so quit trying to paint us all the same colour! If you have an issue with the officiating, take it up with them, we don't ref the games. There is no B.C. love affair with the officials. It seems every team has had bad calls go for or against them at some point this season. You are barking up the wrong tree boy! :cowboy:

lol a ti-cats fan accusing the refs of conspiring against them :o alert the press! lol you watch, when your lions pump the ti-cats...they will be crying that the refs wouldnt let them win LOL you just wait :lol:

And when the Tigercats own the lions, good old TSN will dismiss the loss and say it was the flu, just like they did for Sak and Pegg. I expect to see a close game, I thinkprinters will play and be good, but mallet will get you most of your points!
36 hamilton
14 BC

Now finally on this board, a poster with a clear head. What a novel appoach for some of these fans. However, it's not the guys on the field that I'm worried about for this game, but rather the guy on the sidelines. It would the height of foolishness to ever count out a Wally Buono coached team. Nobody in their right mind wearing a ticat uniform leading up to this game will be allowed to forget it. He's the smartest coach in football and there is nobody that I'd rather have at the helm of a roster depleted team than Wally. :thup: PS. don't forget Simon. Just ask Edmonton.

The calls hamilton has had to endure ever since I can remember is akin to having a bad hair life while what others have suffered is akin to having a bad hair day. This year it has been better for us, but when I think of how close we came to having this turnaround season ruined all because of officiating incompetency in Montreal, it makes me hostile with CFL officiating.

oh dear lol if anything hamilton was babied this year...and TSN...the toronto sports network? they are going to side withe BC? do you think the weather is against you too? you ti cats fans are like paranoid skitzo's give it a rest,

Actually, after the last 5 years and how we've watched our team play we may have post-traumatic stress disorder. :slight_smile:

Casey is going to give back to his former mates. Grab your popcorn and get ready for a beat down :twisted:

Don't worry... I'll be at the game with my bright orange Simon jersey.

CRY MOAR! How many QBs have we had injured over the last few year??? How many amazing players have we lost to the NFL? Such is sports, cry in the TiCats section, not in the Lions section.

HAMILTON, WERE COMING FOR YOU! your asses are going to get SERVED.

Not all cats are that lame! altho! I still do think Jake the snake is out to get us h ahaha

Ok, I'll give you that NFL thing. Cameron Wake is still terrorizing qb's in the NFL. Does he play for the Fish in Miami?