BC @ Hamilton

Let's hope for a better officiating crew.

guess that will depend on which teams wins ehh :wink:

Geez if B.C can't win this one that would mean that my Stamps are the only western team to save face this week :twisted:

Ok lets go Cats!! and yes i hope the officiating is better in this one than the one I just watched, brutal comes to mind.

Some one needs to call the Whaaaaaaaaaambulance... I didn't notice the officials much in the first game, so they must have been calling things pretty even... I guess is some fan's eyes, that getting jobbed... the days of Comissioner Hugh are long gone... :wink:

When a Stamps fan calls the penalties against the Esks brutal, case closed. :lol:

I picked Hamilton. Go Cats!

LMAO, didn't notice all the penalties, ok dare. Anyways, no more on that. lets talk Cats & Lions here.

fixed it for you :twisted:

This Hamilton uni ain’t half bad.

prediction: If lions win, esk, and sask fans will diss the refs :wink:

Philips should get the penalty, dumb refs :lol:

With introduction of TSN 1,2,3,4 and 5, clients with Videotron, have only the previous 2 TSN. TSN 1,3 and 4 won't be available before October 29,2014. I was watching the Edmonton at Toronto game and, at the end of the game, it was pre-season hockey i.e. Ottawa at Montreal. NO FOOTBALL.

SHAME ON TSN. They don't care about the CFL.


Needed that logo on both sides

Nice grab!

Fantuz looking good tonight.

Hi Chief, I asked jm02 awhile ago; "Where did Chief go to anyway"? She said "Oh he's around, just being low key".
Glad your back in the mix of things.

original tsn has the bc game on…not sure of your complaint???

Game tracker is on a blowout :thdn:
17-14 Hamilton leads

I think he tripped him

BS call just gives ticats the game, pathetic. CFL is a joke.

guys in the booth cant see the trip :roll: