BC @ Hamilton

Ticats win. That's the bottom line ...... BABY!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Actually I think it was the Flying Wildcats. :wink:

Even the Flying Wildcats have as many wins as the Bombers.

And look more promising!


And also as many wins as the Eskimos :wink:

Thank you Hamilton - more separation between us and BC - I’ll take that any day. Loved the hi-lite reel finish one of the funniest one’ s I’ve watched this year. Liked what CJ did our there most of the night - felt bad for his fumble considering that it was a real turning point but he wasn’t alone in giving up the ball. I agreed with Suitor, Kent wasn’t upset about the pass, it was the decision to throw it where he did - would have been more surprised if it wasn’t intercepted. Too bad for Hank as he was having a great night up till then.

Thought the Hamilton defense was really solid tonight - best I have seen them play so far. Lawrence is a Monster.

Congrats on the win Hamilton! :rockin:


Play of the year, Lulay being spun around on the shoulders of a BC tackler like a figure skater. Roddy must have thought he was in heaven. :lol:

Since the beginning of the season, Hamilton has much improved,defensively. Offensively they are/ have been one of the best teams.

Given the injuries to Ray and Calvillo and their improvements defensively, Hamilton could finish the regular season first in the East; I do think that Toronto will be the team that will decline the most with/during the absence of Ray.


Still good enough for third. Hamilton is on the upswing and BC has been a top 4 team all year. cats played two solid games.


The Lions have no finish. They left at least 10 points on the table with drives farted away. Their road red zone futility will be the reason they go out quick in the playoffs because they will be playing on the road. Their losses to Montreal and Toronto will come back to haunt them because they will not catch either Calgary nor the Riders now. The difference between the Lions and Calgary is that Calgary can play poorly on the road yet still pull out games against crappy teams ( e.g. Edmonton on Friday night) while the Lions lose against inferior talent wise teams. Inept play calling and no real leadership or will to win is being shown by the Pussycats. Hamilton's offence made the B.C. defence look like a jr. varsity high school team. :thdn: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Get ready for a quick exit in the playoffs Lions fans.

Flying Cats rule
Lions Drool!
Rider Pride Nation Wide

Good to see my Tabbies won

We are likely going to see an East division log jam tomorrow.

3-WAY LOG JAM!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :cowboy: