BC @ Hamilton

Love Hamilton's jerseys, BUT, the pants need some contrast. Every time I look I see pajamas

Or tights...lol

They need stripes on the legs

Lions, should have worn the white pants To close .

What idiot decided it was a good idea to wear these uniforms against BC? :roll:

Agreed ,and they don't look that great. Look like candy canes !

I like the retro jerseys :thup: but they really should have gone with white or black and white strip socsk. The pants look like something out of the Russian National Ballet or something :thdn:

No comment on what they look like, but what's next Montreal goes all blue against the Argos? Does nobody have the slightest bit of common sense in the CFL this season? :roll:

Ti-Cats Burris and Gable - smilin and stylin....Cats TD = Hamilton Leads 17-5

Yeah...Burris has the best view in the house to the Gable show...he is on a mission.

The Cats D has come in looking great. Their D line is still not top caliber, but they have made a couple nice additions to the D over the past few weeks. The game plan is being executed to perfection. Alternate blitz from a LB and take advantage of BC's inexperience on the line. They are looking really sharp all around...penalties aside.

A good ole fashioned behind the shed beatin' going on now!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Hamilton playing well again. I had a feeling this might happen when they played BC hard in BC, as the Lions aren't even close to the same team on the road.

looks like everybody wants to wear red and or black before the REDBLACKS :oops:

Yes Hamilton is on the upswing and playing good football in this tilt, B.C. is on the way back though...34-22 Ti-Cats - another interesting ending perhaps.

Risk gamble move by Austin, payed off. B.C. gets the ball back…one last shot with a razzle ending. 37-29 Hamilton final

BIG win by the Flying WildCATS!!!!

Thanks Hamilton. BC fails on the road yet again.

Well.. Hamilton beat a "top tier" team.. be interesting to see the "Power Rankings this week!

Oh wait, we let the Lions back in this game...

BC plummets in the rankings. Worst clock management of the year. BC played the entire 4th Q like they had a 19 point lead instead of trailing by 19. Did Lulay get a single play off before the 20 second clock hit 1 second? Lions threw away 2-3 minutes of clock in the 4th. No one to blame but themselves. Good game by the Cats though.

BC has never been a top tier team in my eyes this year. Top tier teams put away games convincingly on a regular basis. That's something BC has yet to do.

It's amazing how bad it gets away from BC Place. Could it have something to do with their league leading time keeper for convenient clock blunders?