BC @ Hamilton

GO LIONS!!! Time to take a big step in locking up our playoff spot! The beer is cold, the bacon is hot, time for some football! :smiley:

Do or die...lets go LIONS!

Go Lions! The Riders will clean up the Eskimos for you today. All you have to do is win this game. The pressure is on.

McCallum hitting the upright is not a good sign...

Go CATS Go.. knock the smug Wally Buono and the Lions out of the playoffs!

Ya your team should be scared if the Lions make it...but riders will be out after next week who ever they play!!

BCs recievers, minus Simon, are terrible.

Good challenge, good touchdown catch. Tie game!

Rod Black is going to jinx BC

Nice stop! Turnover on downs.

Big TD but our D isn’t holding up their side of th bargin right now.


BC is playing like they really don't want it

Come on guys...
Pull it into high gear!

That was a season saving INT.
Thank god, if Hamilton scores...

Go Lions!!

Well, the Lions havent played the greatest in the fourth quarter so far this season. Come on BC, keep Edmonton out of the playoffs.

Is it just me or have the Tabbies been pretty sloppy in this second half... they don't seem to have the same emotion (on offense) that the did early in the game.

Our O-line is embarassing today. Can't blame Lulay for not being great when he's on his arse.

The play calling is so vanilla right now... no creativity at all! I know it's been that way most of the year, but the season is on the line... don't hold back!!!

The crappy O line is back...bad things will prob happen