BC-Hamilton Who will Win ..?

If the Ticats can do the the Following :
(1) Protect the Football
(2) Protect the QB
(3) Get a Pass Rush

The win a Close one

If they Don't it will be a Blow out for BC

I am going to Take BC in this Game...38-14..

Blind optimism says pick HAMILTON! :smiley:

B C will smoke the tiger cats this is going to be ugly David Stala and Chris Bauman on the field at the same time GOD HELP US. :cry: :cry: :cry:

If we aren't able to air it out a bit more often, this team will not win.

Stala is good WR Bauman is the Weak Link there IMO

braley2 hamilton0,wise up you pollyannas this team is going nowhere fast.

You guys are giving Buck pierce and his Lions way too much respect. I don't think the Tabbies feel like they'll be blown out.
Wally's reeling. Time to go for the jugular.

8) Come on now Harold, you do remember that the TiCats did win the 86 Grey Cup in Vancouver !!!
  I wouldn't bet on Hamilton winning, but I have a strange feeling about this game  !!!

  Go PussyCats Go !!!!

BGR with all the respect in the world for your opinion, David Stala is a back up at best at this stage of his career and as far as Chris Bauman he's being shown up by rookie Mike Bradwell out of MacMaster and Andy Fantuz has left him in his dust he looks like he wants to play himself off the team so he can go home for some home cooking.Kory Banks should be able to these two blindfolded. Where's my prayer book. :thdn:

I say blitz Pierce early and often. The man is made of glass and he doesn't have Rob Murphy around to protect him anymore.


Your probably safe picking BC, I wonder when Ham won their last game in BC. Was that when Obie was a boy. :oops: :oops: :lol:


I think the game will be alot closer then people think. I think it will all come down to how much pass rush the Cats Def. can generate.

Both teams will have new RB's starting, and both teams made lots of mistakes in week one. If Hamilton's offence scores first, and our D blitzes Pierce (who throws lots of picks when rattled), WE WIN.

I think Cobb has a breakout game, by the way.

BC Lions in a one-sided affair.

BC 34 HAM 16

bc 44 Ham- 23

Hamilton 29 B.C. 19

This game is all on Porter and i think he will be good, Cobb is a keeper and if he can make it through the whole game we'll be much better on offence and I think our d-line is underated 4 sacks last week and a couple of very poor calls for roughing the passer. B.C. gave up 9 sacks folks. We have a very good chance to win this game and I stand by my prediction.

Smart out, Simon dinged up, we have an opportunity here!

8) We just better hope that the game is not a blow out in favour of BC !!
   If that happens, I am sure the vultures will be circling at our next home game against Winnipeg  !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Then the winnipeg game becomes a Must win for Both Teams
No way the Bomber beat Calgary this week.. and we all know the Battle is for 2ND.
There two much of chance of cross over in the East to hold out hope for 3rd and squeak into the playoffs.
we have to keep Pace with Al's in 1st
also we have to keep Pace with Argos who could beat the greenriders and be 4 up.. next week.