Espo shillin’ for the athletic again…

From Penton’s Article Wednesday:

B.C. at Hamilton (-1)
Sunday, 1 p.m. EST
The only team worse than the Lions on the road this season was the Argos, who failed to win a game away from BMO Field. The Leos, along with the Eskimos, were 2-7 away from home, which makes the mountain they have to climb on Sunday even higher. There will very likely be elements, and they are unlikely to affect the running skills of Ticats quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and running back Alex Green. Tiger-Cats by 12.

Also from:

Anonymous thoughts from CFL general managers and coaches:

• Hamilton rested 10 to 12 starters against Montreal. B.C. played all of their starters against Calgary. I don’t know why they did that, but it’s a big advantage for Hamilton. They’re going to win.

• The weather has changed. It’s playoff weather now. Hamilton has to run the ball 20 to 25 times to beat B.C. June Jones won’t do that.

Some discussion fodder mostly.

But since we’re talking predictions:


IIRC didn’t Marcel B rest starters the game before the 2011 east semi ?

Spread started at -3 Hamilton, has since moved to -1. Big money coming in on BC.

Blackout, Hamilton playoff weather.

Cats by 10

Cats haven’t won a meaningful game since Masoli took the starts. BC by 12. ?

Winds forecast to be 40-60 km/hr.!
The Leos have the (much) better kicker.
We could be blown out or kicked out.
But, I still have hope.

ottawacat that is for Saturday's weather

Sunday's calls for sunny and 3 degrees.
Winds at 18 km's from the west gusting to 27km's

I believe we win this game 27 -23

You're right, AGAIN:(, Grover. My mistake, AGAIN :-[.
This time, I'm very happy to be wrong.

Yes, and he was strung up by his nads because of it.

Hamilton 31
BC 17

I think our D comes to play in this one.

5$ beer 1130 until 1. Come thirsty. Get loud. Get in long line for relief.

I guess this is cats way of addressing the bar tab sitchy. Nice move.

Slick blackout ads on CH this morning. Well done.

No charity I guess. Marcel...always thinking of himself

I think Bellefeuille's downfall was less about resting starters before the playoffs, and more about his starters taking the day off for the 2011 Eastern Final.

Entire team played like they thought they had no chance before they left the locker room and thought it was too cold to give a damn anyway.

I seem to recall them starting everyone for the first half just trying to get certain guys to milestone yardage markers, ie 5000 for Glenn, 1000 for a couple receivers. Glenn seemed like he was forcing the ball to those guys and they fell out of rythm before the playoffs... Kind of like a contact hitter entering the homerun derby and messing up his swing after the all star break. maybe just my take, but that was the sense I got of the situation.

For us to win, I think the run will have to be used often. We have some quality backs, use them!

Ticats haven't won a meaningful game since Masoli beat Ricky Ray in the 2015 Eastern Semi Final.

This Sunday...Ticats win... 27-17 !

BTW, we miss Medlock.

2018 was chock full of “turning point”, “statement” and “silence the critics” games.

Have to agree here. Unless the Cats come up with a surprising pass rush.