BC @ HAM Depth Chart


Caulley is back :smiley:

Perhaps, but he could still be on the "non-active" roster...

yea true.

Things I find interesting about the chart:

  • Caulley's back on the active roster
  • the Ticats are listing 9 NI starters, the new ones being Bauman and Kirk
  • McCuaig is on the active roster
  • Landry is on the PR
  • Matechuk is now the lone LS and Robichaud is out

I don't have time to add up all the positions with respect to the ratio, but it does seem odd that they've got fewer Import receivers, even with Bruce, when they've added a NI starter to the D. Maybe due to Robichaud's spot?

Ah well, I imagine the complexity of deciding on a game time depth chart with the ratio and the limit of 42 players might be overwhelming. You're going to expose a weakness at some position, especially if there's an injury.

  • Caulley may be back on the active roster, but that in no way means that he will actually dress (see my post above).
  • Bruce can sub in for Bauman with no ratio penalty.
  • McQuaig may be a non-active player.
  • Landry is a non-issue as of now. and
  • It was announced earlier this week that Robichaud had to leave the team for personal reasons. He has been placed on the one-game IR (last year he needed an appendectomy, so this is not unnusual).

This roster/depth chart can be altered up to one hour before game time, IIRC.

Also, no Otis Floyd. Hope he's back soon.

I miss Otis already :frowning:
Come back Otis! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too... although, Hailey is doing a great job at MAC in Floyd's absence.

ive been following both nfl and cfl for 2 decades and iv eplayed ball for 7 years and i still dont understand the import non import ratio i get that it exists i dont understand how it works though sounds very difficult as acoach.

why is bruce not starting though? i know hes new to the team but hes a great player.

I agree..................... I don't understand why we still have the ratio either!!!

and here's a great story about a Canadian OL that's going to a US college. The guy weighs 275lbs 6'6" and can run a 40 in 4.8?? !!!!

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/football/2009/07/29/10305006.html]http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/footbal ... 05006.html[/url]

We get the idea, after your 567th post about it...

Please, we've had enough.

You're also agreeing with something he didnt say. He said he didnt know how it works..not that it shouldnt exist.

8) That depends on which post you are referring to. "nogimmics" stated that he still doesn't understand the NI and Imp ratio rule.
  Where as "mikem" stated, he doesn't know why we still have the ratio rule  !!!!