BC @ HAM 2024 PBP Thread

Best line I heard in the stands tonight after an incompletion - “Put Chang In”


It’s telling that the latest dbs they brought in (Moxey and Rodgers) were cuts from other teams. I’m not sure the scouts are up to the task.

Sunderland might be an upgrade if he returns but at this point the secondary looks so disorganized it probably won’t matter.

At best we might have a shot against Edmonton but will get flogged by the Argos and Als.

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On Timmy Chang night the team certainly played like they did in the Timmy Chang era.

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Lost power with one minute to go in Friday night game due to porous Hydro Quebec defence. Unfortunately power came back on just in time for the opening kickoff!

Secondary did look a little better when Panabaker was at Safety in 2nd half . Still need to play better though

August 2nd and i know this since im a big fan of Tyson and also know There Backup Fullback Jacob Mason who got his first cfl Special teams tackle vs Calgary